Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentines Party

We had some of our home school friends over for a Valentines Party and had lots of fun! The kids were very excited about trading valentines!

Hannah with her new sister Haddie after decorating iced sugar cookies
Malaine enjoying her cookie, YUM! Notice how toothless our girl is?
Everyone having fun icing cookies

Makenna insisted we needed to have a baby food eating contest
Wesley was pretty serious about his baby food and won!
I was nice and only bought PINK baby food. But next year, I think I will make them do the veggies!

A very fun day!

Happy Birthday Mark!

It is a really great thing when your oldest child is old enough to BABYSIT and we can sneak out for a quiet birthday lunch for Mark's fav, Mexican food! Makenna even pulled off making her dad's favorite dessert while we were gone, oreo cake balls, YUM!

Craft Day #1- Family Values Canvas

This is Makenna making lunch for the kids, she is awesome!
Lots of girls having lunch! And a counter covered in lots of crafting supplies. Not to mention a dishwasher that needs cleaned, oh the fingerprints on that stainless!
click on the picture to enlarge and read the rules.

Here we are, next craft day I think I will put on makeup! Do not click on this picture, eek! ;-)

**Our friends blog did have to go private for now. They go to court on Friday afternoon, during our Thursday night so please continue to pray for them and their sweet little girl.

Amy, (who is married to my cousin, so now my cousin), and I had fun doing a craft day. She also home schools, so before you believe this was a craft day for the kids, let me clarify, it was a mommy craft day! Surrounded by 8 children, 7 of those girls.

I had come across these Family Value Canvas Pictures & loved it. And thought it did not look to hard, if I had Amy to help because she is A. Creative B. Patient C. Really good on the computer and I knew printing off all those rules was going to be tricky. D. Does not care if my house is a wreck or I answer the door in sweats and no makeup for craft day!

We had fun and it really was not so hard once I got the hang of printing off the papers. I am not going to type out directions, because really, if you want to make one just google family values canvas and you will find TONS of blogs with directions. The cost is next to nothing, we got our canvas at Hobby Lobby for just a couple of dollars. Some of the scrapbook papers we had. Some of my papers are a little to busy, but overall I like it.

I have another one started with bible verses that I hope to finish soon. I will take a picture of them hanging on the wall next to each other when I am done.

We already have plans for craft day # 2 and it involves some clothes refashions. For us. Which obviously means some sewing lessons for me and digging out that sewing machine I have yet to put to use.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Please pray for our Friends Adoption

Our dear friends are in Kazakhstan for their 2nd trip of their adoption journey. You might remember back in November they traveled and met their new daughter, Nina. This week they are there for court, the judge decides on if they will get to adopt her. They expected a yes last week, and hit a few "questions". They were told to return for the answer yesterday, more questions, more delays. So now they wait. My heart is heavy for them, I know they are scared. They love this little angel, she IS their daughter. We all love her. Please join us in praying for mercy. You can read their journey at their blog, on my sidebar or here.

And yes, I realize that you are sick of looking at the laundry room update. We have had a party here EVERY SINGLE WEEK for a month, so my head has been spinning. Not to mention I am teaching an American Girl History class on Fridays, that is so much fun! Really, all fun things, just busy. Friday night is Chinese New Year here, and after that, I promise to catch up!