Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last Chance for the GARMIN!!!

*Please scroll down to the next post for updates on Andrew and continue to lift him up in prayer.
We are SO excited to see who the winner is of the GPS!! The kids are all fighting over who gets to draw out the winning number! I wish we could draw 4 winners, so they could each get a chance, but we have only ONE navigation system! Monday the 31st at midnight is your last chance! We will draw on Tuesday as soon as we can. We appreciate all of you so much who have given for this. We have had alot of fun watching the numbers GROW!
And stay tuned this week for pictures of the growing yardsale piles. The big sale is SATURDAY! The kids said we could offically open our own store, since it appeared we had as much stuff as Wal Mart! HA! We are praying for SON-Shine on us that day for sure!
We also got some "frustrating" news on our agency this week. Trying not to panic, but please just keep Mavery-paperwork-Hague Agreement in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Update 3/31-
We are working on a blog for Andrew, look for a link soon. He is in surgery now, she said it could be from 5-14 HOURS long. They began at 8:15am. Please join us at the throne for this family. While praying for them this song played "I will praise you in this storm" and I am just reminded that God is who He is. He holds Andrew in His hands.
Update 3/30
Andrew has a major surgery in the morning on his leg, they are doing a skin and bone graft from what I understood. This will tell them alot about the outcome on the leg. Kathy said the surgery will last 5 hours. PLEASE pray that God would heal his leg. I do not know if I mentioned this before, but Andrew is a huge basketball player, a really, really good one to. Kathy did say that they took out the breathing tube and he ate a popsicle! So that seems encouraging! Please pray for peace for Kathy as she has to watch her son go through all of this. As mothers we know that when our children hurt, we hurt even worse.
Also, the night of the accident, Kathy was on her way to the hospital to visit a friend because her children were involved in a horrible accident. The driver/daughter of the car was killed, and the other daughter is still in serious condition from a brain injury. This family had a daughter killed a few years ago in a car accident. Horrible. So while Kathy was on the way to this, she got the call about her own son. Please also lift this family up in your prayers.
I will keep posting updates on Andrew to this post, so please continue to check back.
Well we have some encouraging news, the doctors have been able to stabilize Andrew's left leg. They did however find what they had suspected. All of Andrew's muscles and nerves were destroyed. They were able to get a pulse in the foot, but are not sure he will have use of it. Kathy says the main worry at the moment is infection. Andrew has no casing on his leg, so he just has an open hole, if you will. The plan is to do more work I believe Saturday and then on Tuesday they will go back in to surgery and take stomach muscle for a graft and hope that takes. If it does it would seem to suggest the leg will be saved. The doctors have been bringing him in and out of the drug coma and he is able to respond to their questions, so this is very good news as well. Kathy is very tired, but very optimistic! Keep the prayers and positive energy coming, it is going to be a very long road for them.
3-26 I have talked about my friend Kathy many times. I am asking you to please, PLEASE lift her son up in prayer. His name is Andrew. He is 16 and was in a terrible car accident last night. He had to be airlifted to the hospital. He made it through the night and things are looking better than last night, but he is still in very serious condition. He had a brain bleed, and they are very worried he could lose his leg, among many other breaks he has. He is going back in for surgery on the leg in the morning at 8am.
Things like this, so sudden, it just makes you want to hold on to your kids a little tighter. We just never, ever know. We trust that God is holding on to Andrew, and holding Kathy up. Please, pray that Andrew is healed, that he can be home w/ all those sisters soon. We know very well that sisters NEED their brother! I tell Kathy all the time, he is the king in a housefull of princess'!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White...Easter??

Attempt #100 at family photo. Nope, Sage looks the wrong way.
Attempt #200, well Sage is looking, but Malaine is almost in the picture and not sure what face Makenna is making! Should be fun getting FIVE kids to cooperate!
Maybe no parents is better. Sage IS saying Cheese. And no Malaine is not wearing lipstick, she gets this chapped face during colds and cold weather.There is a smile from Sage! Wishing for Mavery to be here too...
The boys ready for some serious egg hunting.

The girls, well part of Makenna and part of Sage anyways.

My brother, parents & me!

Our pastor and family. Sheila is Malaines preschool teacher and she thinks it is really cool that she gets to see her at school, and church and even our house! Next year, they will have a sweet little baby girl from Vietnam joining their picture & family!

If I don't look at the camera, maybe they won't notice I found the candy!

A cold egg hunt!

My niece Tyler, Makenna, Jordan and Sage

Dreaming of a White Easter... These were the words we were greeted with at church today! Yep, it was snowing here as we made our way to celebrate. So much for cute spring dresses and open toed shoes. Pull out the warm clothes and coats.

Easter is one of my favorite Sundays for our church. We are outgrowing our current location and typically have 2 services. So on Easter, we meet at the middle school in town for just one service. I love being able to worship together. I love seeing those I don't see often or, actually ever besides this day. I love celebrating our Risen Savior. As Malaine said.. "Mommy, He PUSHED those rocks right out of the way and He ROSE from that grave!" Yep, I love celebrating that He died so we can live, forever!

We ended our service with this song and I just think it is so perfect.. "Savior, He can move the mountains, He is mighty to Save Forever, Author of Salvation, He rose and conquered the grave.." It is why we celebrate Easter, it is everything we believe in, our Hope and the reason we live.

After church we hosted Easter lunch for 40 of our family and friends. No, I do NOT cook all that food! I simply supply the house and everyone else does the rest, including clean up! We really do enjoy hosting the holidays and are thankful for a house that seats 40 people together! (and for a big driveway..) ;-) Another cold egg hunt, but at least the snow stopped! We now have candy coming out our ears. Does that sell at yard sales? ha!

We pray you had a Blessed Day celebrating our Savior!

Getting Ready for Easter

Who me, cold? Just show me the eggs!
Sweet Malaine
Hold on tight!
Looking for where she can toss the egg!
Some are more careful than others!

Wanted to post this yesterday, running behind as always!

We have been blessed at our church this year with a Childrens Director and she planned our first ever Egg Hunt! Our church is in the process of relocating, so we have lots of land that was the perfect spot for the fun. I think I heard they had 2700 eggs donated to cover the land. I went early to help set up, and quickly called Mark to warn him to add long underwear under our kids clothes! It was COLD up on that hill! Really, REALLY cold! But despite the cold(kids could care less about cold, it is just us adults who can't take it!) it was a fun time. We skipped the koolaide in favor of hot chocolate, which is so funny for SPRING! My kids came home with at least 150 eggs, plus attendance prizes so they were all very happy. Thanks Jenny for the good time! Mark sure enjoyed making fun of me all night as my face was WIND burned! hehe!
We spent the evening dying eggs. As you can imagine, that was quite fun with spicy girl! She enjoyed slamming the eggs into the dish and screaming EGG JUMPED IN, in her cute Sagey voice. We all kept saying, do you think Mavery will throw the eggs next year? What fun that will be! Amazingly, I don't think ALL the eggs ended up cracked. And we did get all the dye off before today, so no blue or pink hands for church!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Wish..

Is for an I-171, TODAY! So I am not going to be pretend that I have patience. Everyone knows I don't, AT ALL! And especially when it comes to the fact that my baby is sitting in China and I just want her home with me! Maybe it is the never ending rain this week, maybe it is I have a cold, maybe it is my vet's office ruined me when I found out today they are NOT animal pro-life, when they should be. (I am not even going there...) Maybe it is simply this. Mavery is mine. And she is not here. My arms ache for a child I can't hold, no matter how hard I wish for it.

And yet, she is not mine. She is first God's. And sometimes I think God just sits up there and laughs at me, thinking I have any say or control over any of this! Mavery is first His. She was formed in His image, He breathed life into her. He knows every detail of her tiny face, He knows the bump on her chest, He held her before, during and after her surgery. He tucks her into her bed each night and though she does not have a momma's good night kiss, she does have her heavenly father's love. He knows all the questions that I wonder about. And so I just wish to trust Him more. I wish to lay Mavery down to Him. Where she belongs, in her Fathers arms, in MY Fathers arms.

I ask you to continue joining us in praying for our I171. While I know it will be here when God says, I also know that He tells us we should come to Him and trust that HE can bring that paper faster than any human being believes it can get here. So please gather with us and ask God to deliver that paper here soon. Pray that our girl is getting loved and hugged on and much care. We did get promising news this week. A family went to Jinhua to meet their new daughter. They took video and pictures of all the kids and said that it really is a good place and that it seems just like one big family. So we are anxious to see if they do have video w/ Mavery in it. You know I will post that if we get it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

For those keeping count...

First, I am truly hurt that none of my FAITHFUL friends have done their 100 list and sent it to me! Sad, very sad. I won't start naming names, but come on, it REALLY is fun! ;-)
Well I know that many of you will be happy to know that once again, we have caught the hamster. He is now tucked, no actually LOCKED down w/ chains (hehe) into his new cage. Which is actually a really, really old cage from MY hamster when I was a child. Forget the cool hip look of this era, we are going for the good stuff. Plain, simple and my own hamsters NEVER escaped. As you can see, he is already scheming on ways to get out though. Free run of the basement is much better than these silly cages. We will see who wins this time.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

100 Things about ME!

Kathy challenged me to try this post for my blog last week. She did hers in one sitting, but by seeing number 69, you will know why it took me days to do it! It was pretty fun and I have enjoyed reading other blogs that have shared their list. SO if YOU read this blog, please try your own list and send me a link in the comments so I can learn more about you. It is only fair!

  1. I am a Daughter of the King forgiven by God’s Saving Grace
  2. I am almost 33.
  3. I married at 19 years old.
  4. Mark is 4 years older.
  5. We honeymooned in Cancun.
  6. I got REALLY sick! I drank the water, OCEAN water that is!
  7. I married the most AMAZING man there is
  8. We met in the church nursery.
  9. Our families knew each forever
  10. I am the mother of FIVE
  11. The 5th waits in China.
  12. I am in so in love with her, it hurts.
  13. Mark and I have had 12 addresses together.
  14. I gave up college to marry
  15. I went to travel school & worked in corporate travel
  16. I hated working (I am not good w/ a boss!)
  17. I always wanted to be a mom to a lot of children
  18. As a teen, I served summers on an Indian reservation.
  19. It changed my life.
  20. I used to play like I ran an orphanage as a child.
  21. I lost our first baby & a tube from ectopic pregnancy.
  22. In return, God gave me 5 blessings(so far!)
  23. My family/extended family are VERY close.
  24. My cousins are cousins on both sides. It is legal.
  25. They (and their spouse) are still some of my best friends.
  26. I have one brother. He is almost 4 years younger than me.
  27. I used to put his hair in pigtails. Hehehe!
  28. He wants to be a missionary, and guess where his heart is?
  29. I received Christ in my heart as a child.
  30. I did not get it all then.
  31. Now I do and I am so thankful He came to me so young..
  32. I am still close with some of my childhood friends.
  33. I delivered Makenna in Pittsburgh, Pa.
  34. I did not like living there.
  35. I DID like living in Charlotte, NC.
  36. But I like living here best.
  37. I first heard of MOPS in Pittsburgh.
  38. I helped in starting our MOPS group here in 2000.
  39. I am still active in the group.
  40. The first year I was leader, I would NOT speak in front of the group.
  41. It has grown me and stretched me and taught me to be organized.
  42. among many other things.
  43. I home school my kids
  44. Some days I love it.
  45. Some days, I don’t.
  46. I am a scrapbook want to be.
  47. I own all the “stuff” and it taunts me when I open THAT closet!
  48. I WILL do a lifebook for Sage and Mavery.
  49. I am currently working on Sage’s.
  50. I have always attended a Baptist Church.
  51. I love to read. I read every night.
  52. I take a bath every night and read.
  53. I stay up way to late.
  54. I love to write.
  55. Fall is my favorite time of year for weather, but so busy here it makes me tired.
  56. I am on a constant diet starting “Monday”.
  57. Monday never comes. I hate that.
  58. My favorite show is The Biggest Loser.
  59. I hoped it would motivate me. So far, it has not.
  60. I have watched every season of Survivor and Lost. (I love tivo!)
  61. I like my hair long, yet I miss my short hair.
  62. Shoes annoy me.
  63. Shoe shopping to me is as bad as swimsuit shopping or jeans shopping. Ugh!
  64. My feet are big and wide, hard to fit.
  65. I love flip flops & crocs for that reason.
  66. The story of Esther is my favorite bible story.
  67. Isn’t it cool my new friend is named Esther?
  68. I am too worried about details.
  69. yet useless details bore me (following directions!) ;-)
  70. My friends are mostly all Christians.
  71. They challenge me to grow. I need that.
  72. I am stricter on my kids than most moms I know.
  73. I am ok with that.
  74. I only listen to Christian music, mostly praise songs.
  75. It speaks to my heart & helps me worship
  76. I also believe God speaks to me in my dreams.
  77. Mark laughs at this. Especially if I dreamed we were having more children!
  78. I have to have perfect sleeping conditions.
  79. Pitch black, white noise going, pillow between my knees.
  80. I LOVE to plan parties and organize things.
  81. I like to be in charge.
  82. I don’t like to drive, would rather ride.
  83. but can be a backseat driver! ;-)
  84. I think every Christian should adopt.
  85. I think this drives everyone I know Crazy!
  86. I worry that I have more children out there and I will not listen to God & miss them.
  87. I don’t understand how most people don’t worry about that.
  88. I am not easily offended.
  89. I AM easily annoyed.
  90. I have a very short attention span.
  91. I grocery shop on Sunday nights by myself!
  92. I love to shop, IF I am kidless.
  93. Marshalls & Target make me smile. They do NOT make Mark smile.
  94. I LOVE to be with my children.
  95. I LOVE a girls night out or a weekend away w/ my hubby! (We are all better for it after that)
  96. I am a dreamer and have LOTS of ideas.
  97. I get VERY passionate about what I believe is the RIGHT idea.
  98. I love my children and my husband with all of my being.
  99. I love Jesus even more.
  100. I am so thankful I come from a very strong Christian heritage and I pray that I can pass that legacy on to many more generations to come.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No Matter What...

Doesn't Mavery look to be saying, "please, come get me?"!!
A family from our agency was in China this week, and they left with out their new son. I do not know why, I have no idea what happened. All I know is that they did not bring him home and he has gone back to his orphanage. He is almost 3. I am not going to judge that family for their choice. That is not my job.

I know this. It has made me that much more in love with my daughter who waits. And it has made me do much soul searching and praying and just crying out to our Father. We have no idea how Mavery is going to react to us. Sage was so easy! She did not cry, she slept, THAT is the kind of grieving I can handle! ;-) But what will it be like this time? What if she hates us? It is possible. What if she hits and bites and screams and kicks and does NOT sleep ever? All of that is possible. What if she shows signs of something being wrong mentally? That is possible to. Of course we expect that she is fine, but in all reality, we do not know for sure. And we realize that the little girl we meet in china will not be the little girl we will have in our home 6 months later. These kids are so shell shocked at first and their true personalities take time to bloom.

No matter what, Mavery is my daughter. God has spoken that to my heart now since I first laid eyes on her in November. No matter what, she is mine. If I get there and she is not what I expected or even what I want! She is mine. Even if she screams and refuses to let me hold her, she is mine. Even if I find out I would be changing her diaper till the day I die, she is mine. NOTHING changes that God has said, this is your daughter. The same as when I gave birth and took those babies home, there was no other option. She is already a part of our family. Not an hour goes by in this house that someone does not mention her. We pray for her at every meal, at bedtime and sometimes just because we need to. We talk about what she is doing at certain times of the day. We all are in love with this little girl that we have not yet met, but we feel her in our hearts. Mavery belongs to this family.

So no matter what, I expect that all my family and friends will remind me of this if things are rough in China! Please continue to pray for Mavery now. Our prayer is that God would plant us in her heart in some small way. Of course we want things to go perfect in China! And maybe they will.

No news to report on the paperwork. If I EVER adopt again remind me to move out of Illinois. They make you jump through so many hoops it is crazy. We thought we were waiting on the I171, but it seems our Home study has not even made it through Illinois still. Pray, keep praying. (You know Mark is going to be sweating when he reads that sentence, if I ever..hehe!) Hey, above all, and NO MATTER WHAT, we listen to Gods heart. No matter what.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sage SITS!! And the Hamster Saga continues...

So we all know Sage is Spicy. And just does not typically stop, always in motion. For Christmas she got these lacing beads and when we first brought them out, she just really found them fun to throw! Last night I pulled them out and Mark and I sat in awe as she sat for over an HOUR lacing the beads! I asked him if he now wanted to take her to China when we go. HA! ;-)
The others are of Diva Sage, just to funny!
And the never ending saga of the hamster. Mark is so embarrassed he told me I better not blog about this, but come on, I know you want to know!
We found the hamster just in time for Chinese New Year. Then... We lost the hamster. And we thought that Sage let him out. We caught her climbing up to where the cage was and pulling open the door. Then we CAUGHT the hamster again. Mark thought he killed the hamster in the middle of catching him. He was trying to corner him and a poster tube fell over on him. Mark said it was quite the site as the hamster stood up and spun around in circles and then fell over. He picked him up and figured out he was alive but he was having trouble walking for a bit. Then after awhile seemed to be fine. So we put him back into his cage and moved it up where Sage could not get to it. Guess what? He is GONE again! We have looked all over that cage and we have NO IDEA how he escaped. Honestly. We have tied every corner together w/ twist ties, it makes no sense! Regardless of what "type" of hamster he is, let me tell you, he is AMAZING! And FRUSTRATING! How can a 2 inch RAT be outsmarting us all! I am trying to refrain from reminding Mark that I asked him if he thought we should put him in the other cage we have when he found him yesterday. Sigh... Oh well, it could be worse. We could have bought the kids a snake! And though Sage sat yesterday, she is full of spice today, on the counters as I type. AHHH!!!