Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Fantastic Four

I am going to miss these little monkeys!!! But can't wait to see one more sweet face in these pictures.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Family Pictures

If you live in the Kansas City area, or near me, and need a photographer, my brother in law is amazing! He came in town and did some family pictures for us. We had alot of fun. I think we may have challenged him with the size of our family, but he handled the pressure well from the way these turned out! We can't wait till our red thread brings home our sweet gift SOON! I have more to post, will do them in different posts.
"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, despite time, place or circumstance. The thread my stretch or tangle, but it will not be broken. "
Ancient Chinese Belief

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Did you hear?

We are leaving in 2 weeks! Tickets are booked and hotel reservations are made. Itinerary is being fine tuned but we know the important things. And our friends DID get the same dates as us so we are thrilled! They live in Texas, so we will meet up with them in Shanghai and be together the remainder of the trip. We are SO thankful that God has answered our prayers and allowed us to find friends to walk this road with. It is a small travel group, just our 2 families, but that is enough for us.

We depart St Louis on Wednesday October 8th at 7:55AM on American Airlines. We change planes in Chicago and head into Shanghai from there. We land there on Thursday the 9th at 2pm. Spend a few days touring Shanghai and getting over jetlag.

Sunday we take the train to Hangzhou and then we meet Ms Mavery Monday Morning, the 13th!! Tuesday we travel to Jinhua, where we will visit her orphanage. Friday night we fly into Guangzhou. Her medical appointment is Saturday. Monday is our Consulate Appointment. Tuesday is our swearing in.

We fly from Guangzhou back to Shanghai on Thursday the 23rd and then fly Shanghai-Chicago-St Louis. We land in St Louis on Thursday the 23rd at 8:20 pm.

On Tuesday the 7th,the night before we leave, the kids will take us to a hotel out by the airport. We thought this would make it easier on all of us. We would have to leave the house so early on Wednesday morning, and I do not want to leave while they are sleeping. Especially Sage as I worry that will make her never want to go to bed again if I leave her that way. So this way they can drop us off Tuesday night and say goodbye. In case you wonder, no, we are not taking any of the children with us. Just Mark, myself and Mavery. We will miss them, but the thought of Sage on a plane for that long, is enough to make me break out into a sweat. No way could she handle it, nor could she handle being out of her bed for that amount of time, or sharing a hotel room, or sitting still for any length of time. Some day we hope we can take both girls back for a heritage tour. When she is OLD and calm. Though I am not sure she will ever be calm! ;0)
Just the 2 of us, for 16 nights, does not sound to bad!

I am working on a travel blog, so will post that soon!

Counting down the minutes!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Not Shy...

On Fridays the kids attend "school". Or a homeschool co-op, where they are able to take classes such as art, ballet, fun things. While the older 3 are in class, I get to amuse Sage. It is not so much fun. By the 4th hour, she has had it, and I have had it. So when we can find humor, we are happy.
All the parents sit in a big open room while the kids are in their class. (I can't leave them there, such a bummer!) We were sitting next to this very nice black man, who Sage was having fun with. She is talking his ear off and all of a sudden says " That's my mama" while pointing to me. He said, oh i bet you like your mama. She then points to a white lady sitting next to me and says to the black man, "Is that you mama? " We were all cracking up. Why would that be so odd, she is a brown girl w/ a white mama! ;0)
I told him that this is our shy child. He said, your not shy? Sage says, I not shy no more. He says, oh you used to be shy. Sage-"yep". Oh yeah RIGHT!!! We can only wish Sage was a tiny bit shy sometimes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hanging on by a THIN Red Thread!

I am pretty sure I am losing it around here. My mind and heart have already left the building and are waiting for me in China. At least I hope so, if I do not get them back soon it is not going to be a good thing.

Last adoption trip was so easy. They told me what time to be there on what day and how to look when I got there. Honestly, every second was planned out for us and I was good with that. Hold my hand and spoil me and you are my best friend forever.

This time, things are different. It is good and bad. We are able to have more say in hotels and such. Which means you can save money, BUT it adds a whole new level of stress. We are traveling during the trade fair. We are happy if our hotel stays under $2000 for 6 nights. Can you believe that ? I am thinking on my entire trip last time I spent $2000 on hotels. And for whatever reason I tend to overthink, over analyze over worry about it at this point.

My mind is spinning and if you watch, you might actually see it turn all the way around my head!One day I started the microwave with nothing in it. I tried to iron my clothes with out plugging in the iron. I went to make dinner, and was so proud of myself because I had gone to the store to get the ingredients for a new recipe. But somehow walked out with out one of the things I needed. There was only 5 ingredients in it. I sit and stare at my freezer trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. And yes, I have a freezer full of meals, but that still involves thawing something out ahead of time. Which involves making a decision. I am not capable of that right now. Oh yes, I am also trying to TEACH the children. hahahaha!

So while spending some time with the Lord I was reminded the reason for my insanity. Our daughter is waiting. We are going to china very soon and we will hold her in our arms. This is what I have prayed for over the last year, this little girl to be mine. My Mavery. That thought kind of puts it all in perspective. I am letting the stress rob me of the JOY this time should bring.

On Saturday I decided I was over the hotel stress. Who cares where we stay or what we spend. We will be sleeping next to Mavery while paying all that money, and I will be smiling no matter where I am.

Sunday, we lost power, for 2 days. Mark went out of town for the week, taking my cell phone with him. My freezer leaked goopy sticky Popsicle's, frozen fruit and ice cream all over. I dumped it all in my garbage disposal. Which does not turn on when there is no power.(that would go back to the I can't think right now) About this time the Schwans guy was at my door trying to sell me, what else? Freezer foods. Which does not go well in a freezer that is not frozen. What can you do but laugh?

THREE WEEKS from today, we will be on a plane to China. I do not want to look back on these weeks and remember being so stressed out. I for sure don't want my children to countdown the days till I leave so that they can be rid of me for awhile! So today I choose Joy. I have asked the Lord to help me, to just keep whispering Maverys name in my ear. And though my heart is there, allow me to savor these last 3 weeks as a family of 6.
And on that note I must now chase around a naked 2 year old who has unpacked my entire suitcase and pulled the contents all over the house. God sure has a sense of humor does He not?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Powers On

Thank goodness. I always thought being amish would be fun, I have officially changed my mind. I like my electricity. Lights, dishwashers, internet, freezers, all are good things. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Travel plans are getting there, will post details soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Powers Out

Thanks to hurricane "Columbia" we have been with out power for over 24 hours now. Ugh.. Fun times here! I have moved the kids to my parents house. Because I just don't do well sitting in the dark. When my husband is out of town. And he took off w/ my cell phone because he lost his. Oh yes, and we are in the midst of trying to get to CHINA! You know it is bad when you are looking forward to a 14 hour plane ride so you can just sit back and breathe!

Friday, September 12, 2008

God is BIG!

Trying to see if I can figure out uploading video to the blog for when we are in China. And thought you might enjoy watching Malaine (back row-left) & Sage, ( no need to point out where she is, can't miss her!) in action at Bible School this summer. Scroll down to the bottom of my blog to pause my music.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sayings from her Sageness

Our Sage has alot to say, and being the princess that she is, what do you do?

While Mark was trying to help her play with the Wii Fit, she puts her hand up and says "Back off Dad, Back off".

While playing with her magnadoodle, she asked me to draw a smiley face. I was trying to stick the pen in the slot and did not "do it right" she said " Like this mom, GEEZ". I said, Sage, we don't talk like that. She said louder. " I said GEEZZZZZZZ"

If she is in the mood for her "mer mer" (pacifier)which we have now taken away unless she is in bed, she will climb up in the cabinets to get it. She climbs in the recliner and tells me "Go away mom, I need to sleep". If I ask her why(because she hides the mermer) she says, "I am just tired again".

She loves to sing and one of her favorite songs is the commercial for our christian radio station "97 7, 94 1, Joy FM. " She has this low voice but when she sings she is a soprano. hehe!

If I am singing she tells me "don't sing, I singing".

Or if Mark is talking to me and she is not in the mood for that, she says, "don't talk to my mama".

She knows where things should be, how they should be and don't dare try to change it.

She is the funniest person I know, hands down. We were ordering one night at Applebees and she sent me into hysterics because she was telling the waitress how it is.

Don't even try to walk by her with out saying hi. She will get you.

My favorite is still "whats that noisy!?" We can't wait till she hears Mavery speaks and asks in her deep voice, Whats that noisy she is saying? hehe!

Monday, September 08, 2008


***Proverbs 19:21 MANY are the plans in a mans heart, but the Lords purpose will prevail***

Oh praise the Lord, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We get Mavery on October 13th. I am bawling my eyes out as I write that. It is official, WE GET MAVERY SOON!! No more wondering, we are on our way... We think we will leave here on October 8th and will be home on the 23rd. Working on flights now.

I think reality is setting in. We are going to have FIVE children. We are going to have 2 the same age. We are going to have a 3 year old who does not speak English. We are leaving our kids for 2 weeks. We are leaving SAGE for 2 weeks. I know the others will do fine, I worry more about Sage. She is young, she is attached to me and it is going to be hard. She keeps saying, I go to China on the plane to!? I know she will be fine, but my mommy heart still worries about being away from my kids that long.

Anyways, God is good, His timing is perfect and we know that. Our friends did not find out their CA today, so we are still praying for them to get the same date with us.

Final plans to come soon!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Many of you know about my friend Robin over at Red Thread Stitches. Her link is in my sidebar. MANY people I meet say, oh I could never afford adoption and they go on with their life. Well Robin CAN'T afford adoption, but knows her daughter is counting on her to figure it out. So she has been sewing to raise the money to bring home Mia Hope. Many of us, like ourselves, take out loans to pay for the adoption that we will pay off over time. Robin is not able to do that, so they have to raise the funds in cash, and she is doing that stitch by stitch. I have no idea how she is doing this. I am tired just thinking of all the sewing she is doing. She is a true inspiration to us, and every time I hear someone say, we can't "afford" to adopt, I want to say, YES you can. If your child waits, you just do it. You figure it out, you sew all night if you have to.
Robin is not able to take orders at this time because she is behind on orders. But she is having some really neat things going on. She makes an outfit, and puts it up for sale. First person to email gets it. Then she has an amazing "auction" going on right now. You can bid on a YEAR of outfits, sewn by her of your choice! Think about if you could get 12 custom outfits for your little one! How fun is that? The quality is wonderful and I love knowing she made it with her Mia Hope in mind. So if you are in the mood to shop, but more important, able to help bring a little chinese girl home to her family, run over and check her out here!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Did I mention we have TA? ;-)

**Mavery is in the front row on the right side, the one in the black & whtite DRESS!! This was given to me from my friend Angi when she went for Autumn. These are all the children of Jinhua, I think. **

Once again I am speechless and in awe of our Father. Even I will admit it is crazy that, yes, right when I can't take anymore, He answers. And I know what it is. There are SO many people who are praying us through this. At this point I am pretty sure those who know me well and have to listen to me whine in person are literally on their knees for us BEGGING God to get me to China so I will just shut up! ;0) We are so thankful for the support we have while we wait for Mavery.

I had no idea the TA was coming. I expected an email or phone call. Nothing, and you know I have checked and rechecked my junk mail, my cell phone, over and over ALL weekend. I was sitting on the couch reading to Malaine and saw the fed ex guy leave a package. Thinking it was for Mark, I was in no rush to go and get it. Eventually walked out and saw it was from our agency. Thinking oh wouldn't it be great, but figuring it was simply some sort of paper or bill or something. But what do I pull out but a letter saying come get your daughter in China with in the next 5 months! It had her tiny picture on it with her information. I was of course shocked and worried that I was reading it wrong and it was not what i wanted it to be or something! But quickly spoke with our agency who confirmed it was the TA and we started looking at the calendar!! Mavery here we come!

So now what? We wait some more. AHHHH!!! But not to long. Today we filled out a form to request our Consulate Appointment. This is our last appointment in China at the US Consulate, where Mavery will become a US citizen. We have requested the week of October 13th, 21st or 28th. We are praying hard for the week of the 13th simply to avoid the trade fair. The next 2 weeks we will probably hit some of it, but hopefully not to much. (expensive hotels) We are supposed to hear by next week what our date is. Then we begin working backwards on our trip. If we get our CA (Consulate Appt) the week of the 13th, that has us leaving on the 1st, if we get the next week, we will leave on the 8th, and so on.

We THINK we will be home with Mavery by her birthday on November 1st, which has been our prayer all along. AND, we are pretty certain that our friends will be traveling with us for Emma! Isn't God GREAT?!

So all this whining, all this waiting, all the dreaming, we know it is coming to an end and our prayers are about to be answered. If things go as WE are praying, Mavery will be in our arms in just over 30 DAYS!!!! Can you believe it! I am feeling a little (ALOT) overwhelmed with all I need to do. What in the world have I been doing for 9 months??? Whining and waiting. Time to get busy!

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Showed up on my doorstep today, no warning! Will write more soon, I have a trip to plan!!!