Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Did I mention we have TA? ;-)

**Mavery is in the front row on the right side, the one in the black & whtite DRESS!! This was given to me from my friend Angi when she went for Autumn. These are all the children of Jinhua, I think. **

Once again I am speechless and in awe of our Father. Even I will admit it is crazy that, yes, right when I can't take anymore, He answers. And I know what it is. There are SO many people who are praying us through this. At this point I am pretty sure those who know me well and have to listen to me whine in person are literally on their knees for us BEGGING God to get me to China so I will just shut up! ;0) We are so thankful for the support we have while we wait for Mavery.

I had no idea the TA was coming. I expected an email or phone call. Nothing, and you know I have checked and rechecked my junk mail, my cell phone, over and over ALL weekend. I was sitting on the couch reading to Malaine and saw the fed ex guy leave a package. Thinking it was for Mark, I was in no rush to go and get it. Eventually walked out and saw it was from our agency. Thinking oh wouldn't it be great, but figuring it was simply some sort of paper or bill or something. But what do I pull out but a letter saying come get your daughter in China with in the next 5 months! It had her tiny picture on it with her information. I was of course shocked and worried that I was reading it wrong and it was not what i wanted it to be or something! But quickly spoke with our agency who confirmed it was the TA and we started looking at the calendar!! Mavery here we come!

So now what? We wait some more. AHHHH!!! But not to long. Today we filled out a form to request our Consulate Appointment. This is our last appointment in China at the US Consulate, where Mavery will become a US citizen. We have requested the week of October 13th, 21st or 28th. We are praying hard for the week of the 13th simply to avoid the trade fair. The next 2 weeks we will probably hit some of it, but hopefully not to much. (expensive hotels) We are supposed to hear by next week what our date is. Then we begin working backwards on our trip. If we get our CA (Consulate Appt) the week of the 13th, that has us leaving on the 1st, if we get the next week, we will leave on the 8th, and so on.

We THINK we will be home with Mavery by her birthday on November 1st, which has been our prayer all along. AND, we are pretty certain that our friends will be traveling with us for Emma! Isn't God GREAT?!

So all this whining, all this waiting, all the dreaming, we know it is coming to an end and our prayers are about to be answered. If things go as WE are praying, Mavery will be in our arms in just over 30 DAYS!!!! Can you believe it! I am feeling a little (ALOT) overwhelmed with all I need to do. What in the world have I been doing for 9 months??? Whining and waiting. Time to get busy!


Stephanie said...

SHANNON!I am so thrilled for you! My heart is racing at the thought of you finally holding Mavery! AHH! God is so good. His timing impecable. Blessings on planning travel!
Praying you through,
That means we will be St. Louis bound soon, too! Hunan girls reunion! With a an extra Asian darling! Love that!

Chisum Family said...

Shannon, we're almost there and God truly has seen us through this roller coaster ride to our daughters! I can't wait to say we have CA and flights confirmed!