Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sayings from her Sageness

Our Sage has alot to say, and being the princess that she is, what do you do?

While Mark was trying to help her play with the Wii Fit, she puts her hand up and says "Back off Dad, Back off".

While playing with her magnadoodle, she asked me to draw a smiley face. I was trying to stick the pen in the slot and did not "do it right" she said " Like this mom, GEEZ". I said, Sage, we don't talk like that. She said louder. " I said GEEZZZZZZZ"

If she is in the mood for her "mer mer" (pacifier)which we have now taken away unless she is in bed, she will climb up in the cabinets to get it. She climbs in the recliner and tells me "Go away mom, I need to sleep". If I ask her why(because she hides the mermer) she says, "I am just tired again".

She loves to sing and one of her favorite songs is the commercial for our christian radio station "97 7, 94 1, Joy FM. " She has this low voice but when she sings she is a soprano. hehe!

If I am singing she tells me "don't sing, I singing".

Or if Mark is talking to me and she is not in the mood for that, she says, "don't talk to my mama".

She knows where things should be, how they should be and don't dare try to change it.

She is the funniest person I know, hands down. We were ordering one night at Applebees and she sent me into hysterics because she was telling the waitress how it is.

Don't even try to walk by her with out saying hi. She will get you.

My favorite is still "whats that noisy!?" We can't wait till she hears Mavery speaks and asks in her deep voice, Whats that noisy she is saying? hehe!


traceylynndel said...

I loved this post. we have an almost three year old who says many of these same things. She loves to say "whats that noise". Her new favorite is "Guess what" She also loves to blame her new older sister for everything. If you ask who did this she says "Katya did, I just watched"

annaliese said...

These are beautiful pictures! Did you take them? Did you alter them? I so want to have some pics of my kiddos with this same look...
oh! and I, too, loved hearing Sage say 'what's that noisy?' :) so cute! I think it is funny that Evie is also the official greeter of the world. 'hi!' or 'hello, there' is offered to everyone she sees!

Taylor Grace said...

Taylor just turned 4 and still cracks me up. Noises aren't her thing, but smells are. If we go somewhere and it may smell funny or someone may not smell that great, she will wrinkle her nose and sniff the air and say... Somethin stinks. and then wave her hand in front of face.

Congrats on your CA and may you have a safe trip and return.

God Bless

Shannon said...

Thanks girls!

The pictures were taken by my brother in law, who lives in Kansas City and is taking pictures on the side. She was just out playing and he got them. He is amazing and I wish I could get him to do our whole family, hopefully after Mavery is home.