Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday-Princess & Friends

Mark & my dad took the older 2 kids to Universal Studios today, which they LOVED! My mom & I took the 3 little girls to have breakfast with the princess in Norway/Epcot. Sage, has been showing her spicy side so I was a little worried how the day might go. But overall we survived! We found Stitch as soon as we entered the park and Sage was SO excited about that! Along with Daisy Duck, which is one of Malaines favorites. When we walked in we were greeted by Belle. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Ariel all came around to our table. My favorite was when Belle left her spot by our table (the picture taking area) and anytime a character leaves I tell the girls it is probably so they can go potty. So Belle comes back to her spot and Mavery yells, "Hey Belle, did you go potty?" Belle had a good giggle over that one. We also got to see Mulan who spent so much time playing with my girls and actually acting excited to have them with her! It was very sweet. My pictures are terrible and hopefully my moms will be better. Also get to have breakfast with the princess again in the castle on Friday!
We met up with friends after that and were so excited to see Jen & Becca, along with Evie and family again. I will have to go back and do a post on them soon, it was a blessing to be together for sure. (Sage's travel group, and 2 of her room mates from China!)
**Some have asked, my mom made all of the girls clothes, she is amazing!
**Weather was AWESOME today, just perfect. Actually cool in the morning and evening. Hope we get this the rest of the week!


Spent the day at Epcot with a ride on the monorail over to Chef Mickey. Trying to get pictures up quickly, so short updates. We are Exhausted! Probably won't update for a few days
hoping for one of Wednesday tonight), to tired and the whole paying for internet thing. ;-)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday-Hollywood Studios

Waiting and waiting on a bus to come get us.

Our own private bus, so nice! ;-)

Dinner was family style skillet, YUMMY!

Makenna enjoying Ribs, one of her favorites.

Trading Pins
We had lots of fun decorating our windows!
Lay Sage down, she is OUT!

    Highlights of Monday at Hollywood Studios

  • So HOT!! It is melting hot.
  • If you are using Disney Transportation, allow well over an hour to get to where you need to be. And be ready to have some patience, you will need it.

  • New Toy Story ride is really fun, all the kids loved it. I am not sure it is fun enough to make the fast passes run out, or would I be willing to wait in an hour line for it, but it was good. (I refuse to wait in ANY line over 15 minutes with Mavery and I think whomever created the fast pass should be filthy rich)
  • Pizza Planet for lunch was a hit with the kids, but not with us.
  • Malaine rode Tower of Terror and did not like it AT ALL! I love it, my very favorite.
  • We had dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe at Fort Wilderness Lodge. We had a hard time figuring out how to get there, which resulted in our own private bus ride.
  • Thought the food was great, kids loved the stick horse races, the tons of bottles of kethcup on our table (you asked for ketchup everyone starts bringing it over) but took almost 3 hours to eat there. That is a LONG time with littles!

  • Mavery has us guessing on if she is staying potty trained or not. And that is all I will say about that.
  • Kids are REALLY into the pin trading. We had never done this before, but after hearing from friends and reading lots about it before we went, I am glad I got them pins before coming. Even Sage & Mavery are having tons of fun with it.
  • Makenna did most of the window decorating, I need to take more pictures after she added some marker to it. Very fun!
  • Sawyer bought a little stuffed Stitch and so he is Sage's new favorite sibling because she loves it! We are now trying to find another, since she sneaks it in her bed and sleeps on it so Sawyer can't have it!

Sage & Evie

Our friends ended up being here for business this week, which worked out so well for us! They live on the West Coast so we do not get to see them. We traveled to China the first trip w/ them, and later found out that Sage & Evie were room mates! Love the bond they seem to share and we really just love them!