Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday on Tuesday-Funny Faces

**Thank you for all the sweet notes and encouragement on my last post. It does my heart good to share and to feel all those "hugs" coming right through the computer!

We tried to do Muffin Tin Monday yesterday, the kids even woke up asking about it. But since we are in countdown to Disney (ONE MORE WEEK!!!) life is just a bit crazier than normal. So, this is what we (Makenna & I) pulled together for today. Design your own faces. The ingredients are raisins, hotdogs, grapes, cheese cubes, veggie straws and sunflower seeds. Kids had fun, kept them busy for a long lunch, running right into naptime! ;-) And I am ahead of the game for next week, already have it planned, so stay tuned!

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