Friday, April 13, 2012

Meet Charlie

As I have said before, I still watch the lists of kids out there for adoption.  I am always looking for MY kids. Be it a child the Lord has for ME or that it is one of my Chenzhou children available.  When it is a Chenzhou kid, who I think of as mine, I get SO excited to know they have a chance at a family. But then I get so scared because what if no one chooses them? It feels personal.  These kids, they are so much more than a photo to me. I have touched them. i have hugged and played and giggled with and kissed on them. They are mine. Sweet Jada? She still waits for a family to choose her.

Jada is a baby. A girl. But now I want you to meet a boy. And not a baby, not one little bit. He is 11.
This is Charlie. 

The same age as a certain boy that lives in my house. Talk about personal. How can I not look at my 11 year old son and imagine if it were him with no family?

11 years old, almost 12. Which means his time is running out. And it means he is ELEVEN and has no daddy to wrestle with. No mommy to kiss his forehead and give him hugs. What will become of him in a few years? What will his future hold if he stays? Will he ever hear about Jesus?

His special needs are missing toes and weakness in his hand.Not really a big deal in my book. Who needs toes, honestly? ;-) Let me introduce Charlie to you, get to know what I know.
On my team last year was Megan, whom I adore. She had been on the first team into Chenzhou the previous year, and so was already known. Charlie was her boy and she was looking for him. She had formed quite the bond with him that first year.

And then she found him. Or he found her. Because he REMEMBERED her. I can still see the tears she had when she saw him. When she saw that he remembered her. That he was looking for her.

How could we NOT return? Because of that right there. Look at that! 

Charlie is a happy kid. He is sweet and lovable. He has such a great smile and is just a fun boy. Not nearly as crazy as some boys I know that are 11! 

He has made it clear he wants a family. He wants to have a mom & a dad.

 And oh how I want that for him too! It is said he is helpful with the younger children. That was one thing we noticed at Chenzhou. The older children do help out with the youngers. His file said that he is always taking the little kids hands or helping to tie shoes.

 He is artistic and they have tried to nurture that at his school. Yep, he attends school through some generous donors who make that possible. He even won an award for his drawing! He is eager to learn and asks questions.  Don't you wonder what his questions are? Don't you just wish you could see his art?

I have thought about him often this past week as I read over his file. What is it like to be 11 and KNOW that you MIGHT get a family? He has watched many others from Chenzhou leave. He has probably met their new parents. What is it like to watch them go and wait your turn? Does he wait with hope or does he think it won't really happen?  Does he wonder why others were chosen but he is not?

I have no idea what is going on in his little mind, but I have to think he watches the others go and so desperately wishes it were his turn. I get that an 11 year old boy is NOT what most people are thinking. Because I am thinking those same things myself. He is 11, he can't speak English, I have little girls, he is not a baby to cuddle and the list goes on.

BUT he is a child of God, created perfectly in His image.  He NEEDS a family. His future in China is not promising as an orphan.

Please join me in praying for this sweet little boy. Help spread the word. To read about him through Love with out Boundaries please go here.

Or to get to know him through Megans eyes, please go here. 
(While there do a bit of shopping and help her get back to China this year will you? ) 

Could Charlie be your son?


~verna said...

Can you tell me how Charlie does with younger children? Do you think he would do well with younger siblings?

Tara said...

Can you tell me more about Jada? I saw her on one of the lists...she is too sweet! We are DTC in about 2-3 weeks...and ready. I did comment on another post...but when I was reading your blog - this post specifically (which, btw is amazing - love the font and the zebra print and colours!) I saw Jada's name come up again (and recently)....would LOVE to know more about her?