Monday, February 23, 2009

My New Best Friend

I am wondering if writing this post followed by my last post about my dear"computer friend" seems odd? I really do have friends that I hang out with, I promise!

For Christmas this year Mark and I just asked our family for money. We have had our eye on this cute little robot for awhile. We had heard people talk about loving their roombas, which will vacuum your floor for you. Sounds like alot of fun. But, I do not mind vacuuming overall. Plus the fact we have this carpet that hides everything (which I adore and is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my lifetime of house buying or building, even almost 5 years later, still looks brand new) I can handle running the vacuum. But the tile, oh the tile. While I like the color, it is still where we have the most traffic. And food. So it is always a mess. It ALWAYS needs mopping. Now, my husband is/was the official "mopper", and he did a good job. (it was not get down on your hands and knees clean, which is what I do, ) but who is complaining when it is getting done? I mean come on, a man who mops? Very thankful for that. Which is probably why he agreed to spend his Christmas $ on this robot! ;-) We are both enjoying it. She works GREAT. You turn it on, she goes through the kitchen and sweeps. Then goes back over and mops. Then goes over and dries the floor. We are using it on over 300 square feet of tile in our kitchen. We do 1/2 the room at a time and it takes a little over an hour to do that half. You can buy special (expensive) cleaner, but we just use the recommended vinegar and it works just as well, just stinks while cleaning! ;-) The only place it can't quite get is right along the cabinet edge, but pretty close. And I would not say it is as clean as down on your hands and knees but pretty close in my opinion. The kids think she is just a new part of the family, her name is Rosie. ;-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I meant to post this awhile back, I am behind and I apologize. Remember my SWEET friend Tracy who sent the cupcakes that were HUGE to the hospital. (oooh I am still drooling just thinking of that chocolate, I have got to go and get more. No I don't, I need to do the SHRED!) Anyways, Tracy, my online friend I have never met and whom I adore. We met through my friend Kathy, who "introduced" us when I got my referral for Sage. Sage was from where her daughter was from. I really, really love her, and I am thankful she is a MUCH better emailer than blogger, you can check for yourself. (this is a hint)Though when she does write, it is typically profound.
So, besides being a wonderful friend and an amazing cupcake sender, guess what she did for me recently? When my brother in law had surgery, she offered to take something to the hospital for them. She lives near there and I asked her for ideas on places that might deliver a meal for my sis in law. Tracy said she would pick up Jack Stacks BBQ ( A place Amy loves) and even made cornbread because Amy asked about it. Along with from what I hear, really yummy cookies. Now, I personally do not enjoy visiting hospitals to much. Can you imagine OFFERING to visit one for someone you do not even know? AND to make food for someone you do not know? Thank you so much Tracy for doing that for me, since we could not be there. And for being such a great friend!

The Shack

Have you read it? I know that some of you are on facebook with me so we were able to discuss it a little bit there. But some of you asked after reading my update so wanted to share my thoughts here.
I had no idea when I picked it up what it was about. If you know me, you know I read. And read, and read. I finish one book and go to the next. I had not heard much about it, except a friend said I should read it. The beginning was so hard to take, wasn't it? So sad. And it was VERY deep. I am so not in a place to do this kind of thinking right now! Give me Twilight where I can read about vampires falling in love and just read, not think. ;-) However, I pressed on through the book despite it making me sad and think. And I was glad I did.
I have read many reviews on the book and I just have to giggle. Some people take it SO literally. "oh the theology, oh this is not biblical, oh this and that". WHO CARES! It is a book. You don't have to buy it and you do not have to read it. I swear people on amazon need more to do than pick apart every sentence!
What I walked away from it was this. A different look at the 3, God, Jesus & Holy Spirit. Be it what is "biblical" or not, I don't really care. I think it helped for ME to see them in a different light, and maybe understand them in a different way. It also REALLY made me examine my relationship with God, my daddy. Is he my God, this person who dictates my life and determines my steps? Or is He my daddy, the one who leads me in my steps and holds my hand as I walk them. Is He the one who I find comfort in? Is He the one I WANT to know and hear? Does he love me, REALLY love me? Do I love Him? Does he love those I know who are unsaved?

See, I told you it made me think to much!

Despite the very sad start, I thought it painted God as so real, and so loving. Which is how I picture Him as. That He really DOES love His people. Sometimes I feel that others make Him to be more of the "dictator". And so to read a story of Him as the loving Father I imagine, it was good for my heart.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Unless you want to tell me to check my theology, then just go comment on amazon! ;0)

Friday, February 20, 2009

House Arrest, Kind of.

Mavery had an appointment with our pediatrician today. Just a follow up from heart surgery, not to mention her ER visit last Saturday. I do not enjoy taking the 2 little ones anywhere alone. Sage is, well she is Sage. My little free spirit that is everyones best friend. Mavery is, strong. And loud. And difficult at times. They are 3. The combination of them together, you just never know what is going to happen. All was going well. Mavery is always hesitant where ever we go at first, but Sage marches in and if Sage does it, you better believe Mavery will be doing it. So, scale, fine. Temperature, good to go. Listen to heart, she even pulled her shirt up before she asked. Ears, forget it. Nose & throat, you better put on your suit of armor. I was MORTIFIED. My children have been a pain at the doctor before, but I was certain that satan himself had entered the room and was overtaking my child. I have NEVER seen her do what she did. I seriously was waiting for her head to just spin right around. She was FOAMING at the mouth! So embarrassing. Sage was like, "what is she doing?"! I just did not get it. After all she has been through, and she is ticked because they want to peek in her ears? It is not even like she digs, she just peeks! I was cursing Mark that is for sure, he should know how difficult this child is and come with me! Then the doctor quit and Mavery was fine with in 10 seconds. She is something that girl.
The doctor said she sounds a little bit wheezy, so we are keeping an eye on it. She is still coughing but it seems better so we are not going to treat it. She thought her cut looked wonderful. I asked how long we "panic" when she gets a fever and she said a long while still. Just to be safe. Sigh.
We talked about shots and she is going to do a little research and we will see what we are going to do. I asked her about taking her to church, around kids etc. She said she thinks we need to keep her away from those situations for the winter. Her thoughts were that there is to much going around, alot of things just starting. Said Mavery is at the worst age because if they are a baby you can hold on to them, a little older tell them not to put things in their mouth. With her immune system down, we just can't afford to take any chances. So, no church, no MOPS, no parties for us for awhile. Yes, the walls are closing in! I figure by the time we get to get out for much will be time for her to go back in for the heart cath.
After we leave, we stop to put coats on. I told Sage "Lets sit on that bench and put our coats on". Well she began to sing about the little bench, and let me tell you, it did not sound to much like BENCH. The entire building heard it over, and over and over. Between Maverys demonic sounds and Sage cursing, I was never so glad to get out of that building! ;-)
The above pictures... Mavery is covered in I can't remember what. Chocolate I am pretty sure. Sage, is obviously covered in marker. I have tried to stress to Mavery we ONLY color on paper. It is not sinking in. Though I am assuming if your sister acts ok w/ you coloring on her, (your sister who speaks english and should know the house rules) why stop, right? It was from her scalp to her toes. And yes, on my walls. Mavery had a tiny bit on her "cheeks". Is it only my 3 year olds who refuse clothes? Unless it is twirly skirts? I have to wonder what the delivery men think when they come to my door and these 2 greet them. No visits from social services yet. hehe! In case you wonder where I am while they make their messes(because if you have less than 2 young children, I am sure you wonder about this).. I am typically cleaning up the mess before that. It might have been the strawberry smoothies they covered my cabinets in. Or the cat food they threw around the laundry room. Or the NEON GREEN FINGERNAIL polish they found in Makennas room and decided to paint their nails with. I totally need a playpen. With a top on it. And a lock.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shred = Dead? ;-)

Today I pulled out this DVD. What I wanted to start with was my WII fit workout and then next week start the shred. But I could not find the disk for the wii, which might be for the best as I can only imagine what my "trainer" is going to say when I step on and get weighed. Since I have not been on since before China. So I thought I would just give the shred a whirl. YIKES! Now granted, I have done NOTHING for the last few months except eat. Chasing after toddlers is the only exercise I get. But wow. It is SO hard. Which is a good thing I know. I did not make it through, I am not even going to admit how much, um I mean, little, I actually did. I also have gone 2 days with out my supersize diet coke. I won't admit how many oreo truffles I ate, but the soda is a good start right? (not saying I have not had soda, just not the supersize to start my day). If you said you were joining me on the shred, I will be checking in with you! ;-)
I have some blogs backed up, will try to get caught up today.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

All is Well

It took 4 1/2 hours to decide that Ms Mavery has a cold. Fun times. Out of having Mavery for 4 months (YESTERDAY!), we estimated we have spent about 14 days at some sort of doctor with her. She has had this cold for the last few days, and we figured it was just what we have all had. But then her cough became worse and today she looked horrible. Once I figured out she had a fever of 101.8, and then threw up all over me, I called the doctor. She said take her straight to the ER. She said if she had not had heart surgery, she of course would assume she had what we had. But, so soon after surgery they don't take chances. And the ER agreed as they had us in a room pretty quickly. They ran blood work(which was a nightmare) they tested for flu, strep, UTI, talked about RSV, talked about blood infections, called the heart surgeon and thankfully ruled everything out but a simple virus. Not so simple though as at her age there is nothing they can give her besides tylenol. So she is coughing horribly, nose running like a faucet and very feverish, but we are home. Very frustrating as we have not left the house for the last month, but I guess it is probably the cold I had only worse. Please pray with us that she gets over it quickly. Of course we are nervous, how could we not be?

Mark and I did get a date in last night. We saw Taken. We thought it was good. Typically when we see a movie, we go to the rush hour show. Or I often go on Sunday evenings to see the girly movies with friends. I now know why I do not like to go on Friday nights at "normal" movie times. I am pretty sure we were on the older side of the crowd in the theatre. Teenagers(some, not all) are just annoying. Loud and obnoxious and when I pay $11 per person(which is ridiculous in itself) to see a movie, I do not enjoy being annoyed by those around me. Seriously. I have kids at home that annoy me for FREE, I don't need to pay to have it happen! ;-) We also enjoyed dinner out while Megan was here with the kids. It was a good night celebrating Marks birthday and Valentines Day and just getting out! For Valentines Day I got an I O U a Pandora bracelet. I think my blog yesterday helped me out there. hehe! Just kidding, just kidding, but I am pretty excited. If anyone has any tips on those bracelets, please pass them along as I decide how to start mine. Start would be the key word as it will be awhile before I get much on it.
Thanks for praying for us. And Happy Heart Day to Everyone, hope your day was better than sitting in an ER for hours! But we sure loved who we sat with. Maverys first Valentines Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Husband My Hero

Today is my husbands birthday. If you remember, when we got our new washer & dryer last week, he decided that was his birthday gift along with a request for a date night. Since I feel bad not giving a "gift" I decided I would dedicate a blog to him. I am good at bragging on my children, but don't often share about how amazing Mark is. If you know him, you already know this. And if you only know me, you probably suspect he is pretty awesome to put up with me! ;-)

When we started dating, I was just 17 years old, he was 21. We have been together a long time and done alot of growing up along the way. Since the day I have met him, he has spoiled me, alot. I often stop and wonder how in the world I have been so blessed to have him as mine.

I am not a morning person, at all. I enjoy staying up late and sleeping in late. Which is obviously not a great schedule as a mom. My sweet husband is the one to get up EVERY morning first. He gets ALL the kids breakfast. I realize we are lucky that he works from home, so is able to do this, though I have to say even when he worked he tried to go in later simply to be helpful to me. Saturdays, same thing and he never makes me feel guilty for being "lazy". He typically loads up the kids and drives to Mc Donalds for breakfast so that when I get up there is a supersize diet coke waiting for me! ;-)

Mark is such a hands on dad. He does just as much with them as I do, if not more. He was never the type of dad that expected me to automatically change the diapers, take them potty, cut up their food etc.. When I nursed babies, he got up and changed their diapers and brought them to me. Mavery does not sleep, he is the first one to jump up when she cries. As soon as he gets off of work at night, he is up helping me get supper on the table, or entertaining toddlers. As soon as dinner is over, he is sitting down with a kid doing homework. When it comes to bedtime, he is right there with me(typically ahead of me), getting them in bed. He is always sure to pray with each of the kids and he is so good at just spending time talking to them and getting to know them. Not to mention that he plays with them. REALLY plays. He is always wrestling or teasing or playing board games or ball or initiating races, or something. Yep, he is also the one initiating our children swinging from our canopy bed, doing crazy tricks, and why I think they are so hyper, but I can't complain.

He has made MANY sacrifices. For example, he had this "plan". 2 kids, save a bunch of $, retire early. Then after child #3, I suggested adoption. He looked back at his plan, and remembered kid 3 was not even in it, so more than that for sure did not make the list. But, he stopped his plan, and he spent so much time searching Gods plan. Twice. HUGE decisions for him. I realize that if he was not the dad he is, it would have been easier to say yes at first. But he does SO much with these kids. He realized how much more time and work more would mean. Yet, he listened. Alot of men won't. It was not easy for him. But I have no doubt that He searched Gods heart for the answer.

Mark loves to play sports. When we were first married, and kidless, he spent many evenings playing softball, basketball, hockey etc.. In the last few years, it has become less and less that he is able to play. It is not that he does not want to, because he really does. It is that his kids are first and we are SO crazy, he just does not feel right. Partly because there is simply not enough hours in our days. Partly I know that he is doing it because I know he feels bad leaving me, knowing I have had to deal with kids all day. It is one of the being totally spoiled. I know that he loves me more than his sports!

A few years back, he was asked to take on a role at our church. He was really excited about it and felt very honored to have been asked. He spent time in "training". And the more he got into it, he began to feel very pulled. I was never sure from the beginning of the role, so was probably not being the most supportive. He struggled with the decision, but finally decided he could not fulfill the roll and keep our family his first priority. Not at the stage of life we are in right now. I know it was hard for him to tell them no, however, we know that it was the right decision with all the things we are going through with Mavery. I hope that someday he can step into the role, but I am so thankful that he was willing to really think it through.

Mark is just always looking for ways to make life easier for me. If it is serving cereal for dinner in paper bowls, or letting the house turn into a disaster, he is ok with it. He is always running the kids here or there. Oh and did I mention he always makes sure my van has gas(even drives out at night to get me gas if I have to go somewhere), takes care of all bills AND the checkbook, and is always willing to run out and get milk or anything else? He is one of the few husbands I know that ENCOURAGES me to go on girls nights out or weekends away! He looks at it as a fun time to spend with the kids I think. If I am leaving for an evening, he will tell me not to worry about getting them dinner and to have fun. And he means it! I wish I could be that gracious to him when he leaves me.

Last night Mark asked me "IF we were to adopt again ...." He will killing me for admitting that he said this, and it does not mean I am pulling up lists of kids ready to go back. What it simply meant to me is this. My husbands heart is to serve God. Despite what we have gone through in just these few weeks, this question can still come from his heart. Does this mean I think he WANTS to adopt again? I have no idea, because to be honest, I about fell out of my chair to hear those words come from his mouth at this point. And I can promise if YOU ask him, he will say NO. However, I believe that IF God calls again, Mark will listen. I believe that with my whole heart.

In an earlier post I talked about Mark having NF2. He has been through brain surgery, and will most likely face another, if not more than 1, and may very possibly lose all his hearing. He already has partial hearing loss on one side. He struggles with a lazy eye that can cause him horrible headaches and we have been on the road to trying to figure out if this needs surgery. He has been through knee surgery and still has some pain in his knees at times. He is on medication for high blood pressure. All this and he went bald right after we got married. This has all been going on for a long time, since he was "younger". Yet, he never complains. Never does the poor me thing. Though I myself am so good at having pity parties for ME. Some people would get down with all he has to deal with, but I have never ever heard him ask why. Not even about being bald! hehe! I personally think he looks better with out hair and find the bald look sexy myself, so that was a joke! ;-)

There is no doubt, he is a better husband and father than I am wife and mother. But being his wife I never feel that way because he always makes me feel like I am the best in the world.

So Mark, Happy, Happy Birthday. I love you and I am sorry I don't do mushy gushy blog posts about you the way I do the kids more often. Thank you for being you, and for putting up with me. And by the way, just in case you have forgotten, the bracelet is spelled P A N D O R A. ;-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog Commenting & Thursday Things

  • My friend & MOPS group leader dropped off the plates of goodies after the MOPS meeting today. I, of course, can not attend since Mavery can't be around crowds for some time. I miss MOPS, I miss being out of the house! So a friend at the door was a welcome site, even if my house looks like 2 tiny tornadoes have blown through. Because they have, they move from one mess to the next. Paula said she brought me the best part of MOPS, the food! ;-) Thanks Paula, it was a yummy lunch!
  • I did venture out this morning to Target. I was having target withdrawal I think. I got over it pretty quickly while trying to shop with Sage & Mavery. I will be so happy the day Mavery understands BRIBERY! "Please sit in the cart quietly and I promise a treat on the way home". Or threats, understanding of either would be good. hehe!
  • I am so proud of myself today. I am a TERRIBLE blog commenter. And I have such sweet people who visit me here. One problem I have is that you comment, I go to your blog, then I hit save so that I can come back and visit you again. But then I have this huge mess of saved things and I can't keep track of anything. Well I finally figured out how to make a folder of my sweet blog friends blogs who actually leave comments. That way I can go to your blogs and I promise I am going to be a better commenter. Really. I am trying to go back through my posts, go to your blogs and save. But if you want to be so kind as to leave me a comment now, that will help me set up my new folder!
  • Speaking of commenting, one thing I could not figure out is, how can I email someone who comments, if they have questions? How can someone email me if they see my comments on their blog? Some blogs have email me on the sidebar, some do not. So I found out that if you go into edit your profile, you can show your email. Nifty.
  • Did you also know you can turn off your word verification in comments? I do not have it and no spam comes through. Just an fyi, if you would like to save your friends a few seconds when leaving comments because for some reason, half the time I can't even read the silly words. Personal choice, they just annoy me.
  • I called the doctor today and probably will not hear back till tomorrow. The secretary called us yesterday to tell us that Dr Goel wanted to schedule a heart cath. She basically knew nothing besides he had spoke to the surgeon. We are supposed to go in May to see him. I asked about another lung scan and she did not know. So, I want to talk to him and find out if this is all based on the lung scan from the hospital. And if there is chance that this could open or if the surgeon is saying that can't happen. I would also like to find out if we can do this before summer. In alot of ways, having the kids in school makes things much easier during the day as far as doctor visits & things. I still feel pretty peaceful about it all. I think part of me just knows we survived worst case, which was surgery. She is doing so great. We will survive whatever comes next.
  • Today I found the little girls playing in Sage's closet. I just stood out listening to them for a long while, they were SO sweet. Mavery was coughing (ugh she has been so healthy!) and Sage would ask her, are you ok mavery, you ok?" When they saw me they shut the door. Like Sages outfit? She is such a girly girl and is happiest to be in a skirt, and if it twirls, all the better. That is the first thing I want to learn on my sewing machine, how to make a twirl skirt! She would be happy in one every day! A girly girl that is part monkey, it is a funny combination! Mavery, wants to wear this sweater everyday that Ms Sheila gave her. She loves to button and unbutton it.
  • Marks brother is doing pretty good. Lots of dizziness & double vision but I think overall improving. It is a slow recovery, as you can imagine, it was brain surgery! Keep them in your prayers.
  • Photo collage was done on You know it is easy if I figured it out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Collage Finally!

My friend Kathy showed me a neat photo editing site today and I was finally able to figure out how to do a photo collage in just a few minutes! I have only been trying for a year. Now if I could just learn how to use the camera!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maverys Follow Up

We think going so long with out washing her hair did her good, doesn't it seem longer all of a sudden? ;-)
Sage is not feeling to good. Anytime Sage gets a cold, EVERYTHING runs, her eyes are the worst. Praying that Mavery can still stay healthy. So far so good.

We spent some time outside today, it is almost 70 degrees here! It felt REALLY good to get some fresh air!

Today, they are getting along. Thank goodness!

Besides Mavery being in a really bad mood, the appointment went well. That girl does NOT like to ride in the car. Throw in getting out of bed to get in the car, then sitting in rush hour traffic, not a good way to start the day. For any of us, we are just not a house of morning people. (and Amber I am REALLY sorry that you were so kind to offer to take our children to school with you and then we were LATE, sorry, I really feel bad!)
Mavery started whining when we walked through the door. Who can blame her? Echo is right off the bat. this is the ultrasound of the heart. It took a good 45 minutes. She did fair for the first 30 then she was not happy. By that point the doctor had come in because the tech was unsure on something, which had me nervous of course. It turned out to be nothing, they just wanted to make sure they had a good view of the left pulmonary artery.
The doctor said that the blood flow looks great, almost what he would call normal. He said he feels we can wait for 6 months and have another echo then, and another lung profusion. He said what he thinks is happening is that because the artery was opened up, the blood is flowing good & it is forcing it to open up farther into the lung. His hope is that nothing will even need to be done and that it will open all the way on its own. But he said he felt like he wanted to give her 6 months to heal, give it a chance to open, then make a decision.
We then got confused because we told him we had a lung profusion scan done before we left the hospital. (he did not know this) and that they said there was no change and they seemed to think more would need to be done pretty quickly. He was confused on why he did not have these reports and I think was anxious to talk to the surgeon. However, he also thought that the scan was done early to show much change. (the surgeon had told us this was being done early, but that was for Maverys sake since we wanted her drugged to do it AND we needed it done to be able to go home, or come back and do it now with no drugs!)
So, I should hear back from him within the next week. But, we left feeling more hopeful that maybe things are going to open on their own and we can avoid anymore procedures for the time being. The impression we got today is that if they do open, she will not need anything else done for quite some time. Just possibly replacing a valve as an adult. Of course we will visit Dr Goel once a year(possibly every 9 months, depending) for an echo and check up.
He thought the scar looked really good. I asked about the bump(which looks larger to me) and he said it is not swelling but it is simply the bone. Nothing can be done till she is almost an adult. He said he is not worried she will hurt the bone, but now tearing open the scar is still a concern. (nice, I totally need that padding!) Not that he expects that, just saying that after surgery you always have to worry about that. However, her scar to us looks great. Longer than before, but it it thinner. And the scab has about all fallen off.
I did not sleep last night, (and amazingly, Mavery only woke up twice!)I think I was so worried that we were going to walk in today and get more bad news. And while we are still a little unsure, I walked out feeling so much better. Like it is finally ok to breath a little. As I sat and listened to the dr explaining to us that the artery could all open on its own I was reminded of what we are praying for. For God to heal her. And so why did I not expect that God could have opened that artery? Why did I lay in worry all night instead of believing Him to take care of Mavery? Today I rest in knowing that God has taken care of her before she was in my arms, and He is STILL taking care of her now.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sometimes they love each other, sometimes not so much

Today started out with me feeling MUCH better, praise the Lord! But the little girls, they were in a mood. We had to drive to school, and Mavery was not happy about that. She was saying the seatbelt hurt, so we stuck a diaper in between to pad it. (no comments please about seatbelt safety, the kid had heart surgery and her chest is bulging and she hurts, it was just a diaper!)

We got home, Mavery was sitting in a chair at the table and Sage came up behind her and shoved her chair into the table. So chest, right into the glass table. OUCH, I know it hurt, it hurt me to hear the cries! A little bit later Sage smacked her across the chest. Poor Sage, she is just bouncy and can't help it! She did feel bad. Mavery I guess thought she needed to get Sage back so while eating dinner tonight, Sage was holding a spoon in her mouth and Mavery shoved it down her throat. Sage was very excited to escape to Grammy and Papas for the night I think! Mavery's appointment is very early so Grammy volunteered to watch Sage. I think the break will do them both good. And maybe before they reunite, I can come up with a padded chest protector. I am wondering about those padded swimsuits? Hmmm....

We had some yummy chicken and dumplings tonight, thanks Angie!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Catching Up on our week

  • I am feeling better, but not great. I think it is just a bad cold. Was very thankful to sleep in this morning and take a nap today. So far Mavery is healthy as are the other kids.
  • But Mavery is still not sleeping. We have no idea what to do with her. She just wants us to pat her, or kiss her or fix her blanket, or kiss her bear. This happens anywhere from 5-15 times a night. What is the right thing to do? She is in our room. We feel bad to let her cry, she did just have heart surgery a week ago. Is she scared? I don't know but I know we are tired.
  • Mark went to see his brother and Brett is home today. (brain surgery and home 5 days later, wow!) Did lose hearing in that side of surgery, which was expected. Is very shaky and having bad double vision. Face is droopy on one side, but they expected that because of the "trauma" around that facial nerve. It is not even that noticeable and they expect it to return to normal once swelling is down.
  • Our laundry room is still sticky. We have cleaned it with vinegar and still has a "coating". I don't know what else to do. Annoying.
  • However, I love the new washer & dryer and love that we keep getting more and more off. It goes on sale, we get more off from GE. I figure pretty soon it will be free! ;-) It has this stain setting that you can key in what stain you have. So last night I threw in some shirts covered in Chocolate blizzard from the little girls, put in chocolate stain, they came out perfect! You know it is good when you get excited to do laundry in this house.
  • We have been spoiled like crazy this week by our friends. Which we are SOO thankful for. We have had food since we came home from the hospital last week. Poppyseed ham sandwiches, fried pork chops, roast, meatloaf, chicken enchiladas, cheese soup/sandwiches, & taco bar. Along with freezer meals for later. That is not to mention the food that was coming here while we were at the hospital. It has been a HUGE blessing.
  • We see the cardiologist on Tuesday. Please keep us in your prayers. I am sure Mavery is not going to be excited about seeing another doctor. I am anxious to hear what he has to say. The scar looks great, in fact the scab is gone in alot of spaces. She still has the steri strips on, but we are leaving it uncovered now so we will see how much longer those last. The bump however, is bigger. I thought maybe from swelling, but I am not sure. Poor girl. We had hoped for her sake they could make it smaller but the opposite happened.
  • OHHH, Sawyer got 100% on his spelling test! This was huge because we have been doing ALOT of crying over studying the spelling words. They have ALOT of words each week. It was good for him to see that good grade!
  • Hopeful this will be a good week. It has to be, it is a week of love right? ;-)

Spotlight Sunday~~Malaine

Malaine Shaye, my 3rd child, my 2nd daughter, the last baby I gave birth to. Also known as Lainey. By far the easiest person in this house to get along with. For the most part. We always say "When she is good, she is very very good, when she is mad, WATCH OUT!". I tend to worry about her the most I think, falling right in the middle. 2 older siblings, 2 younger "twin" sisters. But she just has this personality that you can't help but adore her. And I think in alot of ways she will always be my baby. She was the only child that we did not "plan" and what a sweet surprise she was! I wanted another baby and I wanted Makenna to have a sister SO badly. God gave me both in this blond hair blue eyed beauty!
Malaine is a wonderful sister. She is so sweet to the little girls and always walks in from school excited to see them. She adores Makenna and looks up to her. She and Sawyer are the closest and are the best of friends.
She is so huggy and I love that she still wants to climb in my lap and cuddle. She is so tiny and cutesy and just sweet.
She is always the first to volunteer to help and no matter what I ask her to do, she will do it with out an argument. I have to watch that I do not take advantage of this with her because I know I can get her help with anything and it is such a welcome thing when you know most everyone else in the house will yell!
Malaine is doing wonderful in school and she is so proud of being able to read now! (And I am breathing a big old sigh of relief that she is reading now!) She is quick to remind me every day that though she loves school, she still misses me!
Our little Lainey, we are so thankful for you and love you more than words can say!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Warning~~WHINING Ahead

Have I mentioned I feel like crap? Sore throat, chills on and off, sneezing, exhausted, crabby, you get the idea. All I wanted to do tonight was sit and do nothing. Let Mark chase the kids around kind of night. But did I also mention that Mark is going out of town for the weekend to see his brother maybe? Which I want him to do, he needs to do. But have I mentioned how I feel like crap? So he runs out tonight to get me medicine and while he is gone I hear a big boom. Thinking it is just the kids I go on cleaning up the kitchen and all of a sudden Mavery is standing at the laundry room door saying "uh oh mama, look, uh oh mama" I run over thinking the new washer must be leaking but instead I am greeted with this. The new POWERFUL washer had bounced the brand new 150 oz bottle of tide off the top of it which then THREW UP all over my laundry room. It is on the ceiling, the walls, in the blinds, under every crevice in the room. The picture makes the puddle look small, but it was large. And it continued to seep everywhere while I was trying to get to clean it up. So now the pretty new washer is covered in gooey mess. So much for sitting. We spent forever mopping. And we really have not got to far, we need to move the washer out so we can clean under it. And we had already spent time yesterday cleaning up that stupid floor BEFORE the new stuff came in. Plus don't forget I have not done laundry in 11 days so as you can imagine how much is piled up for 7 people. Not to mention that I have not slept in over a week now and I am EXHAUSTED and poor me, wah wah wah!!! Eventually Mavery HAS to sleep, doesn't she? Even if she does not, I will get over my pity party soon. I hope.

500 pieces of laundry?

Maybe not 500, but I bet it is close. It is my 500th post though so that is exciting! I have been complaining about our washer and dryer for quite some time. I did not feel the clothes were getting clean and they were so beat up looking to me. My inlaws told Mark while we were in China the dryer took to long and when they were here last week, they officially announced the washer is dead. Since Mark works for GE we were lucky to be able to get this combo for almost $1000 LESS than what we would have paid at Best Buy! Mark was pretty excited about that and I am just excited period. Mark even went ahead and got the pedestals for them, as our valentines/his birthday gift. Isn't that a sweet husband? They were delivered today and you can tell the girls thought it was very exciting to watch! There sure are alot of buttons so hopefully I can figure it out because I have not washed since before the hospital. Imagine that pile of laundry!

Random Hospital Pictures

This was the corner of the waiting room we claimed as ours. I still wonder about those families I waited by.

Looks comfy huh? Mavery is showing our Physicians Assitant her family picture. We really loved her, she spent so much time with us and really cared for Mavery. This was as she was getting ready to pull out the tube.

Mavery wondering about the tube hanging out of her!

I am not choking her, just trying to block her view of what they are getting ready to do.

Showing us how to "paint" her chest with medicine.

Walking the halls!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One Week Post-Op

Mavery was SOO excited when Shane and Esther came over to play this week on their way back to school. I think she has had enough of mommy and is ready for new playmates! She really wanted to go "byebye" with them. And I have been about ready to send her bye bye at some points of the day! ;0) Actually at night, she is not sleeping well....
Mavery was SOO excited to get this book and jewelry in the mail from MingMing! It has a picture of them from China in the front of it and when she opened it she was so smiley and yelling that mingming! So cute!
We keep trying to stress to Sage, GENTLE hugs! Today Sage went to hug her while Mavery was laying on the ground and she leaned right on her chest. Mavery just said "ow, that hurts", but was pretty calm.

Showing her "owie" taken today, a week after surgery.

Notice the bags? She has always carried a purse with her since China but recently has taken to storing things in any bag she can find. And if Sage comes near, the whole house knows it.

Silly Mavery!

Daring me to come near and take away her cookie!
A week later and Mavery is doing well. Not sleeping, so tonight no codine and hopefully that will help. She seems to be doing well with just tylenol at this point anyways. Overall I can tell she is better. Getting more wild. But I am surprised that the doctor was correct in saying that children do seem to know their limitations. Today I even talked her out of wearing around high heels with out a fight. She stays pretty close to me and we have done lots of coloring and play do at the table while safely strapped into her chair. Sage has really been wonderful, a little less spicy than normal! ;0)
I am exhausted though and feeling sick tonight. Started today with sore throat and chills. I am certain it is lack of sleep. For some reason I just do not do well with the mixture of stress, and no sleep. Last night she literally was awake ALL night. We are SOO thankful for those who have stepped up to help us out. We have had meals every day, isn't that so sweet? Besides meals for supper, we have had freezer meals for later. Not to mention chocolate pie, delicious cookies, I love the comfort food! (though Jillian Michaels won't when I finally get the energy to put her in my dvd player!!)
Thanks for your continued prayers and support. We appreciate it.
We did just get word that Brett(marks brother) has been moved to a regular room from ICU and they hope to have him home on Sunday! He is doing ok, sounds like he is in alot of pain. Of course. But they were happy with the results and said it went well. Will be a hard couple weeks for him so please keep him in your thoughts. Mark really wants to see him so we are trying to figure things out for that to happen. I don't know why the timing had to work out the way it did for all of this.