Thursday, February 05, 2009

Warning~~WHINING Ahead

Have I mentioned I feel like crap? Sore throat, chills on and off, sneezing, exhausted, crabby, you get the idea. All I wanted to do tonight was sit and do nothing. Let Mark chase the kids around kind of night. But did I also mention that Mark is going out of town for the weekend to see his brother maybe? Which I want him to do, he needs to do. But have I mentioned how I feel like crap? So he runs out tonight to get me medicine and while he is gone I hear a big boom. Thinking it is just the kids I go on cleaning up the kitchen and all of a sudden Mavery is standing at the laundry room door saying "uh oh mama, look, uh oh mama" I run over thinking the new washer must be leaking but instead I am greeted with this. The new POWERFUL washer had bounced the brand new 150 oz bottle of tide off the top of it which then THREW UP all over my laundry room. It is on the ceiling, the walls, in the blinds, under every crevice in the room. The picture makes the puddle look small, but it was large. And it continued to seep everywhere while I was trying to get to clean it up. So now the pretty new washer is covered in gooey mess. So much for sitting. We spent forever mopping. And we really have not got to far, we need to move the washer out so we can clean under it. And we had already spent time yesterday cleaning up that stupid floor BEFORE the new stuff came in. Plus don't forget I have not done laundry in 11 days so as you can imagine how much is piled up for 7 people. Not to mention that I have not slept in over a week now and I am EXHAUSTED and poor me, wah wah wah!!! Eventually Mavery HAS to sleep, doesn't she? Even if she does not, I will get over my pity party soon. I hope.


Anonymous said...

Your family should really be in the movies - you would be rich! Love the new washer and dryer, but so sorry about the mess!

Love ya

Mom to my China Posse said...

Trust me when you get some sleep you will laugh about this. I should have warned you not to set anything on top of your washer, when we got ours I set my iron on it so it would be out of reach for the girls and it sent it a flying no mess to clean up but I did have to buy a new iron. HANG in there. KATHY

Luke said...

Ugh. Get well soon!

Lord, I pray that You will bring a speedy recovery and grant the rest that is needed. Amen!


Party of Seven said...

So sorry you are not feeling well! I have had the same thing happen with our costco size laundry soap! I no longer keep it on the washer! I hope you get better soon and can get some sleep.
I also have had that happen to a costco size grape juice in the kitchen, I dont know what was worse.

Petrie said...

Hmmmm. I think I might have just thrown the remainder of the 500 pieces of laundry into the mess on the floor, swooshed it around, and then tossed the pile into the washer. I know that bottle of detergent wasn't cheap. Sorry to hear about the ceiling and walls--that's a little harder to clean up. But, hey, Mavery is lookin' good, huh?! So glad she's doing well. Keeping Brett in prayer. Hugs, Petrie

Finally a Family of Four said...

I love your new washer and dryer, they are so pretty. What are you going to name them??? I named mine Salt-n-peppa after the 80's rap group. I almost went with Milli Vaniili. I know you can name yours Dora and Diego. That sucks about the mess. I ahte nights like those, when you just want to chill and there is no way that is happening.
Do you need help??? I am a phone call away. I am off Tues and the kiddos will be in school. Doug is going to be out of town for 7 days.
Take Care,