Monday, February 09, 2009

Sometimes they love each other, sometimes not so much

Today started out with me feeling MUCH better, praise the Lord! But the little girls, they were in a mood. We had to drive to school, and Mavery was not happy about that. She was saying the seatbelt hurt, so we stuck a diaper in between to pad it. (no comments please about seatbelt safety, the kid had heart surgery and her chest is bulging and she hurts, it was just a diaper!)

We got home, Mavery was sitting in a chair at the table and Sage came up behind her and shoved her chair into the table. So chest, right into the glass table. OUCH, I know it hurt, it hurt me to hear the cries! A little bit later Sage smacked her across the chest. Poor Sage, she is just bouncy and can't help it! She did feel bad. Mavery I guess thought she needed to get Sage back so while eating dinner tonight, Sage was holding a spoon in her mouth and Mavery shoved it down her throat. Sage was very excited to escape to Grammy and Papas for the night I think! Mavery's appointment is very early so Grammy volunteered to watch Sage. I think the break will do them both good. And maybe before they reunite, I can come up with a padded chest protector. I am wondering about those padded swimsuits? Hmmm....

We had some yummy chicken and dumplings tonight, thanks Angie!


Mom to my China Posse said...

Shannon, Didn't they give you a chest protector. Andrew's good friend had TOF surguery when he was a baby and he has wore a chest protector ever since when he plays any sport or anythign contact. It was just a little tiny thing when he was a baby now its a vest of some sort he wears under his shirt.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, Walmart sells a seatbelt pad that is made of sheepskin. You wrap it around the seatbelt, slide it up or down to protect the area of the chest that needs protection, and it fastens with a velcro strip. Very soft and comfy. We "pacemaker people" use them to protect our implants, and I highly recommend it. Was wearing it when I had an accident, and the seatbelt worked just fine. Judy