Monday, February 16, 2009

Shred = Dead? ;-)

Today I pulled out this DVD. What I wanted to start with was my WII fit workout and then next week start the shred. But I could not find the disk for the wii, which might be for the best as I can only imagine what my "trainer" is going to say when I step on and get weighed. Since I have not been on since before China. So I thought I would just give the shred a whirl. YIKES! Now granted, I have done NOTHING for the last few months except eat. Chasing after toddlers is the only exercise I get. But wow. It is SO hard. Which is a good thing I know. I did not make it through, I am not even going to admit how much, um I mean, little, I actually did. I also have gone 2 days with out my supersize diet coke. I won't admit how many oreo truffles I ate, but the soda is a good start right? (not saying I have not had soda, just not the supersize to start my day). If you said you were joining me on the shred, I will be checking in with you! ;-)
I have some blogs backed up, will try to get caught up today.


samnsyd said...

That Wii fit is MEAN!! My little mii seems to blow up every time I get on it. What's up with that??
And it makes a groaning sound!!!
I'd love to start the Shred with you, but I admit I am a wimp.
Hope Mavery is doing better!

Finally a Family of Four said...

Glad to hear that Mavery is doing better.
I will do a fitness check in with you. On Tues. and Thurs. I do a Zumba class and a muscle fit class. I am absolutely addicted to Zumba. Check it out on Youtube.
I will call you this week.

Cristy said...

I am THRILLED at how fast Mavery recovered!!

I am a new shredder too- I started awhile ago but then got sick and stopped, so I am pulling it back out today!

Shannon said...

hahah Renee! I had never heard of Zumba, I think I saw you in the video! ;-) You obviously do not know me well enough to know that I have NO rhythm AT ALL. It is why I can only torture myself alone in my home, it is so embarrasing. But good for you, if I could dance, it looks like fun!
It is really sad that I am so sore today I can barely lift my arms enough to type. That is bad. Must mean the shred will work right? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

So, Shannon, I was close to being convinced to joining you in this whole jillian shred deal, then I read this post, and now I am definately afraid, it will take a little more convincing, I think!!
Shannon Flowers