Monday, February 02, 2009

This is HOME!

Walking to radiology
Our room, standing in the doorway looking in.

Dressed and ready to go home!

This is standing on the side of Maverys bed. From curtain to curtain would be the "bad" side of the room!

As you can see, this is standing on the other side of Maverys bed, looking to all the space on the "good" side!
All our stuff packed to go home!
The best cupcakes ever from my friend I adore and have never even met! I set my cell phone there so you can see how large they are! I might have to visit Jillies cupcake Bar very soon. Before I start the Jillian workout of course.
Mavery so excited to go for a ride! Notice the puke bucket the nurse is holding!

**started writing on Saturday, finished on Monday.
For the second time in 3 months Mavery has come home in a major way. To hear her today saying I want to go home mama, HOME, it melted me. And to think that just days before she was in surgery, it is a miracle. I asked the doctor today if this is normal to leave so fast. They said it is not unheard of, it is just best case scenario. I told her we have people praying for us ALL the way around the world, and we know God is listening. How could anyone question that? This little girl, who just 3 months ago lived in China as an orphan, is so, so loved by so many people. God, is the author of her story, every single page of it.

We went down for a chest xray and she did well again. I guess she is getting used to these tests. It looked clear so they said we could go! By that time Mavery had perked up and I felt more comfortable leaving. Knowing she would do better at home surrounded by things and those familiar to her. While we waited for our ride I made a quick run to the 5th floor. Their is a Ronald McDonald Family room on this floor. If you ever have to stay at Childrens, (I hope you do not) check it out. It is brand new and there is a large kitchen with tables and chairs, microwave, oven, and snacks available. There is a huge living area with leather chairs. Computers to use. A room she said you could nap in, it was in use so I did not see. 2 bathrooms that were very clean and had showers, much nicer than the family lounge. Also a few washer and dryers. It feels so NOT like a hospital, it is a nice retreat for families I am sure to just get out and breath. Only open till 9pm though, so no staying over night.

As we left I did still see Kennys family in the lounge. I did not go in this time, I had no idea what to say. Here I am leaving with my child, and she is still waiting for her 3 month old to die. I just can't get her out of my mind.

We really enjoyed our Physicians Assistant who stayed and talked with us for a long time Saturday. Some medical staff are just SO caring and it makes you so much more comfortable. Like Dr Ivy, who wanted to take Mavery home! I know that she really honestly cared about her. Overall I thought everyone was really great. I was not nearly as impressed with our nurses once we moved out to the floor. Our first nurse was awesome out there. She removed Maverys tube and wore her splatter so maybe that helped! ;0) But after she left us, I felt like I was simply a number. Room 7-1 Bed B. And it was not as if they were overworked, the floor was almost empty. I just hope that if someone is going to be a nurse, they are doing it because they want to help people and can remember that us mamas need to feel you loving our child as you care for her.

They gave Mavery codine before we left so that was helpful for the drive home. First time to have her in her car seat with no screaming! All the kids were excited to see her and know that she really is ok.

I think Sawyer was by far the most worried about her and I think it did him good to see her. Though he refuses to be in the room to see any scars and is not excited about her going back to the hospital!

Her incision as of today (Monday) is looking good. there is a hole where the drainage tube was, and I emailed a picture to the hospital today because it really is a hole. They said it looked like the stitch broke, but it was fine. I think the bulge on her chest looks larger, but that may be from swelling. The scar is longer for sure, and I can't remember why that is, but they did say why. Part of the scar is bruised looking and she has been saying "that hurts" more today than before. She did not not sleep well last night, so I am praying we get a better night. It is exhausting following her around trying to make sure no one bumps her, that she does not fall, that nothing falls on her etc.. Sage went and played with Shannon (& Mr Jerry, she is still talking about him!) today and for that I was thankful. When it is just Mavery and I, she will snuggle more. If Sage is here, she wants to follow her. If you know Sage, you know she is in constant motion. I can't imagine how bad it would hurt if something hit mavery in the chest right now. So I am a nervous tired wreck! ;-) We were thankful for dinner tonight from my aunt & uncle. And chocolate pie and frozen meals that came yesterday from Marti. YUM!

We are thankful to be home, and thankful that Mavery is doing so amazing. Thankful for your prayers that we know our covering us. Why should anyone be surprised with how she is doing? We know that God has His mighty hand upon her, that He has held her long before I did.

I am working on another post with another prayer request for my brother in law tomorrow who is having brain surgery. Please come back and read it, will have it up tonight.

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