Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog Commenting & Thursday Things

  • My friend & MOPS group leader dropped off the plates of goodies after the MOPS meeting today. I, of course, can not attend since Mavery can't be around crowds for some time. I miss MOPS, I miss being out of the house! So a friend at the door was a welcome site, even if my house looks like 2 tiny tornadoes have blown through. Because they have, they move from one mess to the next. Paula said she brought me the best part of MOPS, the food! ;-) Thanks Paula, it was a yummy lunch!
  • I did venture out this morning to Target. I was having target withdrawal I think. I got over it pretty quickly while trying to shop with Sage & Mavery. I will be so happy the day Mavery understands BRIBERY! "Please sit in the cart quietly and I promise a treat on the way home". Or threats, understanding of either would be good. hehe!
  • I am so proud of myself today. I am a TERRIBLE blog commenter. And I have such sweet people who visit me here. One problem I have is that you comment, I go to your blog, then I hit save so that I can come back and visit you again. But then I have this huge mess of saved things and I can't keep track of anything. Well I finally figured out how to make a folder of my sweet blog friends blogs who actually leave comments. That way I can go to your blogs and I promise I am going to be a better commenter. Really. I am trying to go back through my posts, go to your blogs and save. But if you want to be so kind as to leave me a comment now, that will help me set up my new folder!
  • Speaking of commenting, one thing I could not figure out is, how can I email someone who comments, if they have questions? How can someone email me if they see my comments on their blog? Some blogs have email me on the sidebar, some do not. So I found out that if you go into edit your profile, you can show your email. Nifty.
  • Did you also know you can turn off your word verification in comments? I do not have it and no spam comes through. Just an fyi, if you would like to save your friends a few seconds when leaving comments because for some reason, half the time I can't even read the silly words. Personal choice, they just annoy me.
  • I called the doctor today and probably will not hear back till tomorrow. The secretary called us yesterday to tell us that Dr Goel wanted to schedule a heart cath. She basically knew nothing besides he had spoke to the surgeon. We are supposed to go in May to see him. I asked about another lung scan and she did not know. So, I want to talk to him and find out if this is all based on the lung scan from the hospital. And if there is chance that this could open or if the surgeon is saying that can't happen. I would also like to find out if we can do this before summer. In alot of ways, having the kids in school makes things much easier during the day as far as doctor visits & things. I still feel pretty peaceful about it all. I think part of me just knows we survived worst case, which was surgery. She is doing so great. We will survive whatever comes next.
  • Today I found the little girls playing in Sage's closet. I just stood out listening to them for a long while, they were SO sweet. Mavery was coughing (ugh she has been so healthy!) and Sage would ask her, are you ok mavery, you ok?" When they saw me they shut the door. Like Sages outfit? She is such a girly girl and is happiest to be in a skirt, and if it twirls, all the better. That is the first thing I want to learn on my sewing machine, how to make a twirl skirt! She would be happy in one every day! A girly girl that is part monkey, it is a funny combination! Mavery, wants to wear this sweater everyday that Ms Sheila gave her. She loves to button and unbutton it.
  • Marks brother is doing pretty good. Lots of dizziness & double vision but I think overall improving. It is a slow recovery, as you can imagine, it was brain surgery! Keep them in your prayers.
  • Photo collage was done on You know it is easy if I figured it out!


Amy said...

I didn't know that you could turn off word verification!! Thanks!

Party of Seven said...

Glad to hear Mavery is doing. I have been gone from the blog world for about a week trying to over being sick!

Cassie said...

Boy they look so great!!!! I wish Sarah had a little sister to grow up with and play with. She has become so rough and tough with her 2 older brothers!!!

I am glad Mavery is doing so much better. You all are in my prayers daily.

about blogging......when I started my new one I was really going to keep up with it much more often but life does get in the way!!! I even started a second one for me to vent anything in my head LOL :>)

Keep up the GREAT work mom!

intelligence said...
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