Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Maverys Follow Up

We think going so long with out washing her hair did her good, doesn't it seem longer all of a sudden? ;-)
Sage is not feeling to good. Anytime Sage gets a cold, EVERYTHING runs, her eyes are the worst. Praying that Mavery can still stay healthy. So far so good.

We spent some time outside today, it is almost 70 degrees here! It felt REALLY good to get some fresh air!

Today, they are getting along. Thank goodness!

Besides Mavery being in a really bad mood, the appointment went well. That girl does NOT like to ride in the car. Throw in getting out of bed to get in the car, then sitting in rush hour traffic, not a good way to start the day. For any of us, we are just not a house of morning people. (and Amber I am REALLY sorry that you were so kind to offer to take our children to school with you and then we were LATE, sorry, I really feel bad!)
Mavery started whining when we walked through the door. Who can blame her? Echo is right off the bat. this is the ultrasound of the heart. It took a good 45 minutes. She did fair for the first 30 then she was not happy. By that point the doctor had come in because the tech was unsure on something, which had me nervous of course. It turned out to be nothing, they just wanted to make sure they had a good view of the left pulmonary artery.
The doctor said that the blood flow looks great, almost what he would call normal. He said he feels we can wait for 6 months and have another echo then, and another lung profusion. He said what he thinks is happening is that because the artery was opened up, the blood is flowing good & it is forcing it to open up farther into the lung. His hope is that nothing will even need to be done and that it will open all the way on its own. But he said he felt like he wanted to give her 6 months to heal, give it a chance to open, then make a decision.
We then got confused because we told him we had a lung profusion scan done before we left the hospital. (he did not know this) and that they said there was no change and they seemed to think more would need to be done pretty quickly. He was confused on why he did not have these reports and I think was anxious to talk to the surgeon. However, he also thought that the scan was done early to show much change. (the surgeon had told us this was being done early, but that was for Maverys sake since we wanted her drugged to do it AND we needed it done to be able to go home, or come back and do it now with no drugs!)
So, I should hear back from him within the next week. But, we left feeling more hopeful that maybe things are going to open on their own and we can avoid anymore procedures for the time being. The impression we got today is that if they do open, she will not need anything else done for quite some time. Just possibly replacing a valve as an adult. Of course we will visit Dr Goel once a year(possibly every 9 months, depending) for an echo and check up.
He thought the scar looked really good. I asked about the bump(which looks larger to me) and he said it is not swelling but it is simply the bone. Nothing can be done till she is almost an adult. He said he is not worried she will hurt the bone, but now tearing open the scar is still a concern. (nice, I totally need that padding!) Not that he expects that, just saying that after surgery you always have to worry about that. However, her scar to us looks great. Longer than before, but it it thinner. And the scab has about all fallen off.
I did not sleep last night, (and amazingly, Mavery only woke up twice!)I think I was so worried that we were going to walk in today and get more bad news. And while we are still a little unsure, I walked out feeling so much better. Like it is finally ok to breath a little. As I sat and listened to the dr explaining to us that the artery could all open on its own I was reminded of what we are praying for. For God to heal her. And so why did I not expect that God could have opened that artery? Why did I lay in worry all night instead of believing Him to take care of Mavery? Today I rest in knowing that God has taken care of her before she was in my arms, and He is STILL taking care of her now.


annaliese said...

Yes, He is. awesome :)

love the beautiful girls sitting in the stroller together. precious.

Anonymous said...

Oh ye of little faith! So glad to hear it all went well!

Love ya

Amber said...

I'm glad to hear the appointment went well! It was a treat to have your kids ride with me this morning. They are so sweet...and don't worry about being late...I struggle with promptness on my own. :)