Saturday, June 29, 2013

Adoption Paperwork Update

Unfortunately there is not much to report. We are on day 40 of waiting for our approval from the government. (AKA I800a) 

We have done everything WE can do. We had to re do quite a few pieces of paper work, which is super frustrating. But just part of the JOY of the state I live in and the rules of the game. 

We are still waiting for some of the "redone" pieces of paper, and then it will all be off to the right states to be stamped for approval. Then to our agency so they can begin working on our dossier. THEN it is off to China. Had hoped it might be off before now, but trusting in God's plan. 

So we are close to having that part done, prayerfully with in the next month? The good news is, when you are getting ready for a China trip, it helps pass the time! The bad news is when I return from said China trip, it will make the wait even harder to bear I am afraid.

Coming up, a recap of summer so far and it is OFF to China!!! 

Friday, June 07, 2013

Fingerprints Done!

During adoption mail delivery is like Christmas. 

Every day I hold my breath when the pile of mail is brought in. 

And Thursday I did a happy dance to see our fingerprint invitation arrived!

Today, Friday morning, we walked in to the Federal Building and they allowed us to be printed early. (Appointment was not till the 17th) 

 As we wait on the approval we are just crazy busy with finishing up the paperwork to mail off to various states for state seals saying they are all valid. For the record we have paperwork going to Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota. Thank goodness no Pennsylvania this time! :-) I have piles on top of my piles. Just trying to check it all off. 

Things have really moved along very quickly, and we pray that they continue to do so. We have no doubt that our child is waiting. And while we do not know who that is exactly, it is still an amazing thought to think OUR child is out there. So while I try to be patient, when I picture that MY daughter or son is sitting in an orphanage, it sure puts me on my knees begging for those miracles. 

Asking for the miraculous as we wait for this last approval before we can officially send everything to China. And for the record, 22 days before I leave for China. The chance of this paperwork being done by then... 
Praying to see MIRACULOUS. 

Monday, June 03, 2013

Update on Paperwork

The shirt sales took over everything for the last month but they are now DONE!

My order was for 187 shirts. Is that amazing or what??

I will be spending next week shipping out all those shirts, AND folding tons up tightly to take with me to Chenzhou!

The hurry up and wait of adoption is still going.

I can't believe I did not post that we got our Illinois approval!


They did question a few things, so I thought for sure we were in trouble and would be waiting.

But God!!!!!!!

We quickly applied for the I-800 (government approval) and that is what we are currently waiting on.

We will be invited to be fingerprinted, and then we will wait some more.

I was told the "average" wait time is 40 days but it could take up to 90 days.

We are on day 14.

Of course we are always praying for miracles. So a fingerprint appointment NOW would be good. Really want to have all of our paperwork out of our hands before I leave for China. And I am believing that CAN happen!

We are still not matched with a child. We do not know who our child will be. We are just trusting that the Lord does.

We can't wait to find out!