Saturday, June 29, 2013

Adoption Paperwork Update

Unfortunately there is not much to report. We are on day 40 of waiting for our approval from the government. (AKA I800a) 

We have done everything WE can do. We had to re do quite a few pieces of paper work, which is super frustrating. But just part of the JOY of the state I live in and the rules of the game. 

We are still waiting for some of the "redone" pieces of paper, and then it will all be off to the right states to be stamped for approval. Then to our agency so they can begin working on our dossier. THEN it is off to China. Had hoped it might be off before now, but trusting in God's plan. 

So we are close to having that part done, prayerfully with in the next month? The good news is, when you are getting ready for a China trip, it helps pass the time! The bad news is when I return from said China trip, it will make the wait even harder to bear I am afraid.

Coming up, a recap of summer so far and it is OFF to China!!! 

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Jodi said...

soooo soooo soooo exciting!!! Praying for you while you are in China!!