Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blizzard 2014!

Couldn't miss posting on the Polar Vortex we had this winter! More snow came down than my kids ever remember. It was CRAZY! It was reported that it was coming and I had my doubts. But they called off our church for Sunday morning as it came down, and kept coming and continued all day. It was FREEZING cold and everything was covered in a winter wonderland! 

 The kids could only go out for short periods of time, but they made good use of it! 
 Pixie LOVES this weather. I am not sure she would ever come in and she runs and plays like crazy! Even though it was deeper than her in some spots, and she had snow hanging off every inch of her, she LOVED it! 
 School was called off for 4 days. We did not leave our house for longer than that. I have never been stuck inside that many days in a row! But honestly, I enjoyed it. The kids were willing to play games, we were lazy and stayed in our pj's most days. We cooked and baked and cooked some more. Makenna made the Texas Roadhouse rolls for us one night, YUM! (obviously these are not the rolls!) 
 Mark even had to be out of town so I was here with the kids alone all week. And still managed to stay sane! It was actually a perfect ending for a crazy December if you ask me. I hope the kids will never forget this week and all that snow!! Because I have not seen that much since I was a little girl, so they may not see it again for a very long time!