Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Laundry Fun!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Blessed with Information

Chen Yi Qiao 3/27/06 4 months old

6/20/06 7 months old(our 1 year anniverary of LID) & week of referral
8/14/06 9 months old-the week before we held her

Sage was a part of Half the Sky Foundation while she lived in Chenzhou, China. She was in the program almost her whole life. While in China were were given black and white pictures and some information. Once home I contacted Half the Sky to see if it was possible to get more information. We were so excited this weekend to get a package in the mail with the above pictures(the black & whites i had from China)! While the quality is not so great on the blog, because I simply took a picture of the picture, in person they are wonderful! We also got a report from each "season" that she was there.
We are lucky, I realize that. Most people bring their daughters home with nothing but maybe the clothes they were wearing on gotcha day. We not only have those clothes, we have the clothes she was found in. We have a picture of her from the first day she came to Chenzhou at 8 days old. We now have the above pictures along with her referral pictures from 5 months old. I have no doubt we are blessed to hold these treasures. And that is what they are. A treasure. While the pictures are just a glimpse of Sage, they are her. I can see it is her in the shape of her head, or the way she holds her toes, the concentration she has in those eyes, they are who I see now. And while there are days my heart still questions things, I am so thankful to God for the glimpse He has allowed us into Sage's past.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Gotcha Day
Guangzhou with my new pearls!

Getting to know my big brother
Hello Great Grandpa
I love Swimming!
Malaine in the Kansas City Snow!

Joining in once again to the Friday Fun Photo here

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I am trying to play around with the blog, so hang on, hopefully I won't delete the entire thing! How do you like the pink?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sage & Shoes

I joined in on the Family Photo Fun over here this week. One thing we have alot of (besides kids) is shoes. And we are so excited that Sage can now wear her squeaky shoes from China! Some in this photo are to small, some are to big, but we have a good collection for sure. And when not being worn, they keep Sage busy!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

14 Months Old

First taste of White Castles and it's a winner! (as is ALL food!)Of course she is our child!
This is my favorite pose, here I am giving Sawyer lessons on standing on your head!
So Big!
Beautiful Sage
See my teeth and my long bangs!

We have held Sage for 5 months now! Sometimes China seems like it was just a dream. Other times it feels as if it was just yesterday that we were walking the streets and getting to know Sage. The first day I held her my heart was so full and I was so in love. Yet I am even more in love with her now, my heart continues to grow and stretch and she is so much a part of me, of all of us and we continue to give thanks for this blessing. She is a BUSY girl! She does not stop unless she is asleep. Loves to explore and nothing is safe, nor is she! We are doing ok with changing her bandage from the fireplace burn, we go back in a few more days to recheck that. It is not pretty. And I thought maybe she would be afraid of the fireplace now. Nope. She walked right up to it, looked at me, looked at it for a second and touched it with her non bandaged hand. Of course it was off, as it will be from now on when she is awake, but obviously even a BAD burn did not deter her. She is determined, or maybe we should say SPICY, as we were told those Hunan girls could be! Sage stuff for 14 months..
  • Eats, and eats and eat. I am not sure she would stop eating. I guess all the walking makes you a hungry girl! Even with one hand she shovels it in! Will not eat it if she can't feed herself though. Makes for messy meals! Does not care for carrots, but that is about the only thing I have found that she won't eat.
  • Have switched from formula to soy milk.
  • weighing right about 20 pounds now.
  • walking, walking, walking! She is fast & EVERYWHERE! Got to love those squeaky shoes, I can always tell where in the room she is. China is so smart!
  • Now has 6 teeth, 4 top 2 bottom.
  • Blows kisses, but refuses to give kisses. She thinks it is funny to tell me no.
  • Puts everything in her mouth, but if I come near her pulls it right out and hands it over.
  • Now climbs up all the stairs. (we figured that out when daddy was "watching" her downstairs and all of a sudden she was upstairs by herself!) We are trying to work on going down, not throwing ourselves down
  • Still in our room, and sleeping pretty well overall this month. She is still taking 2 really good naps every day, goes to bed by 830 and sleeps on average till 7. Better than any of our other kids ever did.
  • LOVES to dance & sing. When I sing to her she starts swaying her head and then if I stop she sings it back to me! SO cute!
  • Remember I worried about attachment, well I am pretty confident that we are bonded as is anyone that wants to hold her! I can't believe how much that has changed. The first couple of months she let EVERYONE hold her. No looking back. Now, she fusses if you even act like you are going to take her. She is a mommy's girl, but gets very excited to see Daddy or her siblings.
  • Knows where her hair, nose, eyes, ears and belly are.
  • Repeats most words we say, we are amazed with how much she talks. Some new favorites in our house are Sissy for Makenna and Lainey for Malaine. We also love asking what a cow says, "MO"and a bear "AHHHH"
We are thankful to be starting out 2007 as a family of 6 and are grateful for the ways God has allowed us to grow. In the next month we will have our 6 month homestudy visit done, WOW!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Always Something

When asked "Sage, where is your owie", this is her reply, since she is always bumping her head!
It's been a VERY rough day, let me just sleep it off and forget about it.
It's a New Day & I feel much better & can even hold my cup w/ a bandaide on!
Who needs 2 hands, I can still walk!

Yesterday Sage touched the glass on the gas fireplace. I was right there, and did not catch her in time. She screamed forever as I tried to keep cold on it. The dr said to bring her in, and while I thought it was silly last night to go, today the blister looked pretty large. So, we went. The blister covers a good portion of her palm and for fear of infection they want to keep it wrapped for a week w/ antibiotic ointment on it. It took 3 of us to get it wrapped at the office, I am not sure what we will do here this week, it needs changed every day. So far she is doing great with the wrap. Only tried to pull at it once. She ate lunch fine w/ one hand. Has not acted like she is in pain. Will we survive walking? She fell in the tub one day and gashed the back of her head open, pulled open a cabinet and fell onto the corner of it and bruised her face, now this on her hand. And these all happen while I am standing RIGHT there watching her. Sigh.I think we need to move into a big rubber room where she can't run into anything!

Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Official, we have a walker!

I will get you Sissy, You better watch out, Here I come!
And back to Daddy. Is everyone watching, come on clap for me!
All that walking wears me out, how about a ride in my wagon? It is just my size!

Sage has been taking steps for quite awhile now. But for the last couple of weeks, she has been doing much more walking than crawling and I would now offically say she is a walker. Today we were out at the mall, and she was a riot wanting to walk like the big kids. In her squeaky shoes of course! She just seems way to tiny to be toddling around!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I v'e Been Tagged!

By The Waala Family

A - available or taken: Taken forever
B- best friend: My Jesus & Of course, my husband
C- cake or pie: cake, filled choclate with Chocolate, Costco, YUM!
D- drink of choice: Cherry Coke, but usually trying to diet so Diet Dr Pepper
E-essential item you use everyday: Computer, but baby wipes is a close second.
F-favorite color: If I admit I love black and brown, will I be labeled weird? ;)
G-gummy bears or worms: like those sour worms, though not as much as chocolate!
H-hometown: Columbia, Illinois
I-indulgence: Chocolate, caramel with chocolate, reading & bubblebaths.
J-January or February: January-always a new start and the house seems so much bigger w/ Christmas decorations down!
K-kid's names: Makenna(9) Sawyer (6) Malaine (4) Sage (1)
L-life incomplete without: My relationship with God/Family and Friends
M-marriage date: 6/11/94
N-number of siblings: 1
O-oranges or apples: Apples, covered in Chocolate or caramel!
P-phobias or fears: Fear I will look back and say "I should have..."
Q-favorite quote: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. But prefer a bible verse Now Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1
R-reason to smile: God trusted me with 4 kids! And He calls me by name.
S-season: Fall
T-tag 3 people: Jenn/One House--Taylor Grace--Ceradsky's
U-unknown fact about me: I met my husband in the church nursery as a baby.
V-veggie I don't like: Easier to list what i do like!
W-worst habit: Getting overly passionate about things(can be my worst, but also my best!)
X-xrays: Do ultrasounds count?
Y-your favorite food: American Chinese, Good Italian and CHOCOLATE!
Z-zodiac: Aries

Paula Zahn/ Let's Try Again??

Thursday’s show
She’s a proud parent now, but if she wanted to do it again, she couldn’t. Will strict overseas adoption standards rule you out too? Tune in Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on “Paula Zahn Now.”

I would like to say that maybe the 3rd time is a charm, but I doubt it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hair Fun!

Very excited to say that Sage has enough hair to have some real fun with! And she leaves it all in very well! See, getting those headbands started in China did pay off!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Something crazy is going on. I lost all my bookmarks on my computer. Actually I lost the bottom half of them, which is where I kept all my blogs that I read through DAILY! I have no idea what the address' are, because they were saved and I just clicked on each of them. I should set up a blogroll, but I can't figure that out either. SO...Please email me your blogs, I am going through withdrawl! And if you have any idea on how bookmarks could have just disappeared, please help!

Monday, January 08, 2007

CNN & Paula Zahn

So if you have not heard about the CNN report on Friday night, please rush right over here and read it. It was a very upsetting view of Chinese Adoption. I encourage you to write in to CNN and let them know what you think about it. You can go here for a full list of where you can contact any one that was part of the panel. The good news is, this site says that they are going to revisit the topic tonight with people who are actually informed. And while I hate to raise their ratings by watching the show, I do want to see what they have to say.
Ever since we started the adoption, we have tried to remind ourselves that the comments that are made are not always out of stupidity,(though they are stupid!) but out of being uneducated. If you have not been through the adoption process or do not know anyone personally who has, you don't have a clue! Don't pretend you do. I especialy loved it when people tell me how much it costs, or how long I have to travel, or how long I have to wait. I had a chinese lady at the buffet tell me, you adopt, you live in china one month. I said, no just 2 weeks. She said " no, one month!" I just smile. And the list goes on and on. What I want to say is, "Hello, I LIVED IT!" Simply uneducation. So I try not to judge. But this report really made me a little more frusterated than normal. Please pray for Paual Zahn, and for all of those who have this same view on adoption. Pray that we who have adopted can open doors for those who don't understand. Most important, pray for these chlildren, who will grow up with these comments. For it is them that will be hurt.
Below is my letter I sent to Paula Zahn.

Not sure what I feel more. Shame on you, or pity. You brought out both feelings in myself from your show on Friday. I have 3 biological children, and one daughter from China. We have just recently returned from China with her. I wish you could meet her. We worked for 18 months to get this child home. A beautiful baby girl who was abandoned at 8 days old. ABANDONED. I wish you could look in her eyes and hold her in your arms and then, I would like to see you have the audacity to question why I would adopt her. Did I do it so I could have a “china doll” or so that she would outsmart my “American” children? What a sad little shell you live in.

We did not go into adoption lightly. We had 3 beautiful, smart children already. But I am a Child of God, and when He speaks, I listen. God told us to adopt. And so we moved forward and after doing extensive research on adoption from everywhere, it came down to this. My child was in China. That is what He said, and that is where we would go. It was not about what she looked like or how she would turn out to be, it was a matter of the need that was there. How about instead of questioning why, go to China. Walk through an orphanage. Look into the eyes of those babies, pick one up and hold her in your arms. Think about her future in China and what it holds for her if she does not leave.

I refuse to judge you on your stupidity or lack of knowledge in adoption. Your view is exactly as most of the United States is. You have no clue what it is all about. Yes, there are orphans ALL around the world. Maybe your panel should think about what they might do to help out, instead of judging us on what we have done. If it were only as easy as you all appear to think. Want to adopt a “Muslim” kid? Just jump on a plane and bring them home. That is NOT the way it works. Do you know how many countries are open for adoption, but have the right to close the doors on you, even if you already have met your child and are in love with them? That is one reason people are lined up for China. Besides the fact of sad the fate is for the girls there, China’s adoption program is strong. And contrary to your belief, the children are healthier there than most other countries.

Paula, you are a mother. You know what it is like to carry a child, birth it, and hold it in your arms soon after. What would it be like if you had to give that child up, walk away from her after holding her in your arms for 8 days? Or on the flip side, what would your life had been like had you NOT blessed with birth? How would you feel to be judged on where your children had come from had it not been your own womb? Or put yourself into the shoes of our Chinese children and what they might feel from your words or the words allowed on your panel. Shame on you for that.

My prayer is with you and each of the panelists that God would deal with your heart. My prayer is especially with your children as they are raised by you, a mother who dares to judge other mothers on their choices. I sure hope they are never in the position of adoption, just think what your grandchildren could look back on. How do you feel about yourself now?

Shannon Laxton
Proud mommy to 4 beautiful children & yes one of them from CHINA!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Somehow I dropped my pacifier into the ball blower, Oh NO!!
Someone, help me, we have to get it out of there, I NEED IT!
Maybe I can crawl in there with it? Please come out paci!
Mommy saves the day, All is well!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My New Favorite Recipe

Picture does not do these sandwiches justice. I had them at a baby shower last month, and WOW!! So made them for Christmas Eve and they were a huge hit. I promise you will LOVE them! And though it appears they might be soggy, I guarantee they are not. YUM-O!

Poppyseed Ham Rolls

12 hawaiian sweet rolls
12 slices ham of choice
12 slices swiss cheese
Prepare sandwiches and place in 9 x 13 pan.

cook to melted on stovetop
1 stick butter
1 Tablespoon yellow mustard
1 Tablespoon Teriyaki Sauce(original recipe was for worchester, i like the teriyaki)
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon Poppy Seeds

Pour mixture over the top of the already made sandwiches. Refrigerate at least one hour prior to baking. (can be made a day in advance) Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. I saved the leftovers and reheated a few days later and still good! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Introducing our chinese pet

This is the mean hamster who was eating the other. The bloody hamster is back at the petstore being fixed up! Actually, this one is sweet. I did not remember hamsters were friendly, but he is! Makenna carries him around like a little baby. He is a chinese dwarf hamster and this is as big as he gets. Cute? At least it is not a pet pig, that is what the kids were convinced they needed after seeing Charlottes Web this week!

What we should have bought for China

Each year I end up with $ for Christmas from my grandpa, returns on Mark's gifts that don't work for me ;) , etc.. One gift he bought me this year was a small point and shoot camera, since I could not manage to take a decent picture on our camera we bought for China. However, the Christmas camera just Way to SLOW. I went in to exchange it, and we ended up selling both the Christmas Camera, and the new camera we bought for china, using Christmas $, so we could now own this. I LOVE it. We totally should have bought this for china. So, going to China, need a new camera? Ask questions away. We have now owned 4 digitals before this one, and I do have an opinion! I am pretty sure this one is unable to take a bad picture!