Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mavery Update

We are home tonight from Maverys cath. It has been a LONG day and we are thankful to be here tonight, in our own beds. We were to be at the hospital at 9am. We arrived at 845, and were sent to have a chest xray and an echo done. Which took FOREVER but Mavery was SO good. We then went back upstairs where we were told the cath would not happen till at least NOON, probably later. For a child that has not eaten since yesterday and who LIVES for food?? Ugh! We know that alot of people were praying us up because Mavery literally was an angel and did amazing! Finally after waiting FOUR hours, they gave her the happy drink and took her back.

We were told they would be dilating the stent put in last year. But when the Doctor went in he said it was still wide open and that all looked well. I am still a bit confused on WHY we had the cath but assume it was because the pressures are still a bit off, so maybe they thought the stent might need dilated. The only thing he said he saw of concern is that there is alot of leakage going on, (which he said is a normal thing for Tetralogy of Fallot) and that she will probably need a valve replacement sooner rather than later. We knew she would eventually need this but thought this would happen when she was older. He said the thinking is changing and that they believe it is now possibly better for them to happen sooner, to cause less damage on the heart. They are now able to do these valves through caths but in Maverys case the first one will have to be done through a surgery, but then his hope is that the replacements (valves only last 10 years give or take) could be done through cath.

So in 6 months when we return to see our cardiologist, he wants to have that leakage checked through either a stress test, (if she will cooperate on a treadmill, hmmm) or through an MRI of the heart. They will measure and then watch it for awhile and make a decision.

Mavery came out of the cath OUT. If you remember our earlier cath's, she came out kicking! So we were thankful for her being so calm. After a cath you have to lay flat for SIX hours to make sure they do not start to re-bleed from the entrance site on her leg. About 4 1/2 hours in, they took her off the sleeping drug, and she woke right up. And was great for the next 1/2 hour or so. Then Mavery emerged and we had a ROUGH last hour. At exactly 5 hours and 50 minutes in, she went crazy and had the nurse yelling at her, yelling at us and her wound bleeding. And if it bleeds bad, it means you start the 6 hours ALL over. Praise the Lord it stopped and we were able to leave. Thanks Ms Jenny for staying to "play" till the end! ;-)

I did ask if Mavery can ride rides and basically if it says do not ride w/ a heart condition, she can't ride it. ;-( This is very sad because Mavery LOVES rides, and the faster the better. but it is just to chancy so this will be something our family just has to figure out.

We are thankful tonight for good news overall. We are thankful for the changes we can see in Mavery in how she did today. We are thankful for our family and friends who helped us today and prayed for us. We are thankful that we get 6 months before we have to return to the doctor! And we are thankful to be home tonight in our own bed with Mavery by our side.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mavery's Heart Cath Tuesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 31st, we go in for another heart cath. This makes her 4th hospital stay in less than 2 years. If you think about us, especially her, please pray for her. I will try to post an update, but we expect that everything will be routine. They are going in to try to dilate the stent that they placed in last time. Routine, but still scary to put your child under. Thanks for your prayers!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sawyer is TEN!

On August 1st our only boy turned double digits! In honor of him, I wanted to share 10 things about him.

1. He has a truly tender heart and hurts for those hurting. He actually feels bad if he gets in trouble. Not everyone in my house is like that. ;-)

2. He is the wittiest person I know and always has something to say that makes us laugh.

3. He is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and has now read all the books. Have you seen the books, they are thick! Loves to read.

4. He is really into video games. Lego Harry Potter was the hit gift. Till sister Sage broke it. Sigh.

5. He is really into complicated board games. Heroscape is his favorite to play with his dad.

6. He is way smarter than me at anything electronic and is often called in to help me turn on, well, just about anything.

7. He likes to talk and has alot to say. Which makes school tricky at times, but I also never have to wonder what is going on with him.

8. He has a very vivid imagination and I do believe could write a book someday.

9. He has a good relationship with each of his sisters, but Sage calls him "MY buddy".

10. Is LOVING that he has been able to move his bedroom to the basement this year. Though suddenly moving from upstairs to downstairs has turned him into a slob. Or maybe that is being 10. ;-)

Sawyer is such a sweet soul and I am so thankful for him. Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Spicy Sisters Unite!

On the hunt for something, not sure what.
Sage trying to tell her what to do I think.
And Vivian explaining that she knows just what to do with the frog they have now caught.
Mavery did very well, though she wanted to see her China friends too!

I always love when we are able to see families that we traveled to China with. I have said it before and it does not change. Traveling half way around the world and watching each other be united with your children, it bonds you. We consider these families, our families. And for our girls, we want them to keep up a relationship with their "sisters" that they lived with before us. We were thrilled when we found out that Jay & Landy along with Vivian would be traveling through St Louis for a short stop. They live in Phoenix so we have not seen them since we stepped off the plane in LA together, bound for our home destinations. Vivian and Sage are just 1 day apart in age and boy are they a match for their spiciness! WOW! They are so SO much alike. They may not look a ton alike, but they sound alike, and they were both trying to see who was going to win at being the boss! ;-) I wish we lived closer, would love to see the girls together more, but I am thankful for these little glimpses we do get.

Sage Gotcha DayVivi Gotcha Day

And now

VBS 2010

Sage & Mavery cracking up! I can't remember what the song said, but every single time they came to a certain verse, they looked at each other and just laughed!
Pre-schoolers were so cute in their vests!
Sawyer singing, such a cute cowboy!
Makenna singing away & sweet Malaine below in the pink hat.

Better late than never! Kids had a blast at Saddle Back Ranch this year. (yes this was July) Makenna's last year to be in VBS, she is now offically a part of the youth group. (EEK!) Amy did an amazing job with the kids and music, as always. Lots of kids, lots of fun!

Friday, August 13, 2010

4 Year Referral- June 26th 2010

June 26th 2010

June 26th, 2009
June 26th, 2008
June 26th, 2007

June 26th, 2006

4 years ago we saw her face in a picture. And we are still in awe that He allowed us to parent her.
Sage ChenYi Mae, our baby, our gift.

Driving Home from Minnesota

We had a fun drive home from our trip to Minnesota. We decided we would drive it all in one day to get home quickly, and most important to save $$. We were only on the trip because Mark was there for work, so the room was free. Anyways, so we started out and the drive was going just fine. We were enjoying our new big van, counting down the many hours to home. The drive is a pretty boring one. We went miles upon miles with out even passing a place to use a restroom! And let me tell you, after being with a certain child in the car for very long, you are really ready to get home. We were only about 4 hours away when suddenly in the middle of the highway, the van dies. DIES. Mark was able to coast over to the side, where we both sit there in shock while the kids begin whining about why we are stopped. This is about 5pm on a Friday night. PRAISE THE LORD, we were just outside of Cedar Rapids, so we were able to call a hotel. I have no idea what we would have done if we were in the middle of those empty stretches. It took about an hour of sitting to get the tow truck there and then to have a BUS come and pick us up, which the hotel had set up for us. So while it was annoying and we were so tired and SO ready to be home, we know that the Lords hand was upon us. Thankfully a garage was able to repair the van by the next morning and we were on our way. I know the kids will NEVER forget this trip for sure!