Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spicy Sisters Unite!

On the hunt for something, not sure what.
Sage trying to tell her what to do I think.
And Vivian explaining that she knows just what to do with the frog they have now caught.
Mavery did very well, though she wanted to see her China friends too!

I always love when we are able to see families that we traveled to China with. I have said it before and it does not change. Traveling half way around the world and watching each other be united with your children, it bonds you. We consider these families, our families. And for our girls, we want them to keep up a relationship with their "sisters" that they lived with before us. We were thrilled when we found out that Jay & Landy along with Vivian would be traveling through St Louis for a short stop. They live in Phoenix so we have not seen them since we stepped off the plane in LA together, bound for our home destinations. Vivian and Sage are just 1 day apart in age and boy are they a match for their spiciness! WOW! They are so SO much alike. They may not look a ton alike, but they sound alike, and they were both trying to see who was going to win at being the boss! ;-) I wish we lived closer, would love to see the girls together more, but I am thankful for these little glimpses we do get.

Sage Gotcha DayVivi Gotcha Day

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