Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sawyer is TEN!

On August 1st our only boy turned double digits! In honor of him, I wanted to share 10 things about him.

1. He has a truly tender heart and hurts for those hurting. He actually feels bad if he gets in trouble. Not everyone in my house is like that. ;-)

2. He is the wittiest person I know and always has something to say that makes us laugh.

3. He is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and has now read all the books. Have you seen the books, they are thick! Loves to read.

4. He is really into video games. Lego Harry Potter was the hit gift. Till sister Sage broke it. Sigh.

5. He is really into complicated board games. Heroscape is his favorite to play with his dad.

6. He is way smarter than me at anything electronic and is often called in to help me turn on, well, just about anything.

7. He likes to talk and has alot to say. Which makes school tricky at times, but I also never have to wonder what is going on with him.

8. He has a very vivid imagination and I do believe could write a book someday.

9. He has a good relationship with each of his sisters, but Sage calls him "MY buddy".

10. Is LOVING that he has been able to move his bedroom to the basement this year. Though suddenly moving from upstairs to downstairs has turned him into a slob. Or maybe that is being 10. ;-)

Sawyer is such a sweet soul and I am so thankful for him. Happy Birthday Sawyer!


Amy said...

How could you not love Sawyer??? My favorite memory is his teletubby birthday, or maybe seeing him do his Elvis moves, or maybe playing video games with him and never beating him, or maybe seeing him make Jaylyn cry as a baby because of his loud awesome boy-ness. Hmmm, I think I have a lot of favorite Sawyer memories. :-)

Makenna said...

hey she better right 13 GOOD things about me on my birthday! and about that not everyone in the house feels bad about getting in trouble..........i have no idea who she is talking about! :\