Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mercie is THREE!!!

I am so behind on blogging. So many things to share.

Like having Chinese guests last week and their passports being STOLEN from our van. Not even kidding.

I WILL catch up, I hope. (Facebook is so much easier to drop pictures on these days!)

But today is about our miracle baby girl.

Mercie Fei Evangelin is THREE today.

Ms Mercie started her life in China early.

She was just a little over 2 pounds when she was brought to the orphanage.


Sometimes this doesn’t sink in to me, but when I look at this photo, I am reminded of Gods mercy on our Mercie.

To survive being abandoned at that size?


To survive an orphanage at that size?


For her to be in MY arms?


In the day to day I sometimes forget what a miracle her story is.

But she is such a miracle.

Our baby girl has changed SO much in these 3 months.

She is a true JOY.

Remember the baby in China who HATED me?

Now she is a mama’s girl, BUT adores her daddy too.  Overall she is quick to warm up to people. She still loves Malaine, but I am enjoying being her favorite person right now.

She makes sure her shoes are with my shoes, every time. 

She sleeps IN HER BED! Granted it is her crib with the side off pushed up next to my bed and sometimes I have to hold her hand half the night. BUT, she WILLINGLY goes to sleep in it. This is huge and has been so much better. I am all for co sleeping, really I am. Unfortunately all we had going on was the CO part, there was NO sleeping for me. I am a light sleeper so every kick, thrash, basically movement had me awake. Which made me feel I was in a fog most of the day. We are all enjoying a bit more sleep.

She is so funny! She is very expressive and her faces are the best. She loves to make everyone laugh, and we do often!

She thinks she is 8 and wants to keep up with the big kids. Which makes me sad! Yet then in so many ways she is VERY babyish. When we took her to be evaluated by adoption clinic they put her at about 18months and I would say that is where she seems to be., more like an almost 2 year old than 3 year old.  She is small in size, weighing about 24 pounds now. Her language is VERY delayed. She babbles but there are not many clear words. Mama, Baba, Jie Jie (sister) Dog which is Da, Baby which is BB.  All things to be expected being born so small/early AND spending over 2 years in an orphanage.

She eats anything and is a really good eater.  

Not even close to being potty trained.

Loves to be held and snuggled and kissed and is so so sweet.

She is a busy bee for sure. We forgot how tiring this age is, the never blink or you are in trouble phase!

She can be stubborn, but actually her personality is pretty calm I think. She sits in her stroller SO good, in a highchair while out and is just happy!

One miracle with Mercie is that while this is her 3rd birthday, I have actually celebrated ALL her birthdays with her! She was turning one the year we met her and last year we had a party while in China with my team. This is a gift for me for sure. BUT this birthday we sure enjoyed waking up with her, all day giggles and sweet goodnight kisses!

There are times in the craziness of adjusting to 7 kids that I am tired.  VERY tired.  Sometimes the volume in my house is so loud I can’t hear myself think. The to do list is so long and someone always needs something.  But then God will whisper a memory of life before and I think how empty we would be with out the chaos. Mercie is a gift, and has really melted into our family perfectly. We have loved her for so long, and to have her home with us, to see the way God moved mountains is a story we  treasure.

So thankful for our baby girl. Happy THIRD Birthday Fei Fei!!