Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Disney Tips?

We still have awhile. 101 days to be exact but who is counting?! However, did I mention we get FREE dining? Have you heard all about that deal? We get a sit down meal (meaning character meals) a counter service meal AND a snack each day. Not to mention that our sit downs include drinks and dessert. (which is why someone needs to kick my rear in gear to get in shape!) I have a friend who is in the know on Disney and has been WONDERFUL and patient with me in helping me plan out my meals and days. Because as I am finding out there is a science to this schedule of dinners and being in what parks on what days, etc. And you can say, do not worry so much. But when you are dealing with 5 children, there is no option. Especially 5 children with personality. Add in that reservations have to be booked if you want certain things, you get the picture. So, just curious if you have been there, what was your very favorite place to eat, any secret tips about lines or rides, any tips on dealing w/ toddlers to tweens. I am a huge fan of the disney boards but I like details and I know many of you have been. Would love to hear from you. We can book our dining in just 11 days!

** Disney is offering this free dining August through October if you book a package through disney. Have to stay at a disney hotel. We are staying at the All Star Music. (has a family suite)


Anonymous said...

Just curious - How did you manage to get the free dining????


Mom to my China Posse said...

My advie is and I know this will be hard for you is not overplan! Some things are best when enjoyed spur of the moment. Dinner and meal reservations a must at Disney but everthing else plan around your kids moods of that particular day. I have found getting around early at Disney makes for us a more enjoyable day, we do alot of things at opening and before the parks get to crowded, then we always head out early afternoon at hit the pool, this gives the little ones a nap time and the older kids some pool time. Also we take alot of those little drink indivual packets that you can put in water bottles, that saves alot of money for drinks a day as you can refill your water bottle at the water fountations thru out the day. saves buying a 3.00 coke all the time. I also pack alot of snacks in a back pack to help us get thru the long lines and a small spray bottle to squirt the kids when they get over heated, October you should have much of that but we alwasy go in August and its always hot. I know you know the left line is usually always shorter and beleive it or not it usally is. We also try to split up for a few hours a couple times thru the week so that the big kids can do some of the things they want to do and then little ones do the little things they want to do. I found that getting the kids input in the mornign before we start our day really helped. For instance some thigns I really thought they would want to do really wasn't that imporatnt to them like Dumbo ride which takes for ever in line my kids prefer the less time in line ride of the magic carpet ride in Magic Kingdom they can ride it over and over usually with no wait and Dumbo takes forever and everyoen gets cranky. Abby told me last year "you know Mom this ride does the same as Dumbo" and it really does. It was just my fantasy of the whole Dumbo ride that made me want it for the girls. lol..... so just keep that in mind that somethings are more imporatnt for us than they are for the kids and its not usually worth the melt down to wait int he line for.

Jodi Sue said...

We loved to pass time in lines and while walking through the parks playing "Find the hidden Mickey". All around all the parks there are Mickey's hidden in the architecture or design of the rides. Almost all of the gift shops have a small book with all the "mickey's" listed. It is a great time consuming activity!

Have a great time!

Amy in Arizona said...

Hmmmmm? We have lots of frequent flyer miles. Maybe now would be a good time to use them!!

Dana said...

Wow you are going to have so much fun!!!! My best advice is plan your "sit down dinners" at lunch a couple of days at least!! They give you sooooo much food that you want to throw up by the end of your stay. We didn't even come close to using all of our dining plan (that we paid for by the way!!) because we were so sick of eating those big meals constantly!
At least if the big meal is at lunch you can walk some of it off.
Italy has some GREAT food in Epcot!!