Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Maverys Heart Cath on Thursday

Today we went to Childrens for pre-op testing. Funny how comfortable we now feel at the hospital. Amazing how far Mavery has come and how great she did today really. Mark was not able to go so I took Makenna along for an extra hand. Trying to talk to doctors over screaming Mavery is not easy so Makenna was willing to come along to distract her! But there was no screaming and for that I am thankful. (Thanks Amber for watching the kids, Sage is still talking about "sherman" coming to play with her!) ;-)
Nurse Becky remembered our girl quite well and was so excited to see her again. She was amazed at how much she has changed since January. I forget to stand back sometimes and look at the change. First thing out of her mouth was "Don't you worry, we have some GOOD drugs for tomorrow!". I am trying not to remember that they told me that before and praying that these drugs really ARE good. If you don't remember last time, it was bad. REALLY really bad. I am tempted to write on Mavery with a sharpie " I WAKE UP EASILY".
Mavery lay on the table alone during her echo which is a big step! My biggest complaint there is, they schedule us for 11:30. Meaning we had to leave our house at 10:30. Then they were running behind. So they have her in this echo during lunch time. And yes I had snacks but if you know Mavery, she needs a schedule and she needs her food. Thankfully we made it through the echo, the xrays and were on our way through McDonalds in no time. So funny during the xray they let her stand on a stool and she has this big cheesy grin and keeps saying SMILE! She knows the camera now!
We have to be there at 10:30 tomorrow and they HOPE to get started at 11:30. We are 2nd on the list so that could mean we are bumped later. Good news, no getting up at the crack of dawn to get out of here. The bad news, Mavery can not eat in the morning. So, if you think of her early tomorrow, please pray that she will not flip out over the food, or lack of. She likes to eat, RIGHT when she wakes up. We plan to do a morning drive, a bath, a spa session of nail painting, till time to leave. And hopefully drugs as soon as we get to the hospital! ;-)
The plan is to balloon the artery and place a stent in it. (which is basically chicken wire they told me) We will be staying the night, and you know I am once again praying for that private room for our little diva. Becky said today the heart floor is very quiet so hopefully she will not have to torture a room mate all night. Quiet, for now. Those poor people when we get there! Then we just have one week of laying low and we are good to go. We hope.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I feel much more peaceful this time and more comfortable. I guess after open heart sugery this seems so simple. Still scary though any time you have to take your child in. Every day I pray over Mavery and with my hands on her chest just ask that her heart would be healed. She now prays the same thing with her little hands folded and her eyes scrunched closed "Dear Jesus, please make my heart all better". Yes Jesus, please do.
**Mavery was having fun when I cleaned out our winter basket trying on all the hats!

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Jodi Sue said...

Will be praying for all of you!
God is the great physician!
Praying the Dr's will listen to His guidance!

~Jodi Sue :)