Friday, June 12, 2009


All 4 girls started gymnastics this week. The older 2 have been begging to go back for a long time, but it costs $$. And time. Neither of which we have a lot of. However, we figured it out for summer and they were all excited to be back. Of course Sage and Mavery were not quite sure what to expect, though the promise of doing flips was enough to get them excited to! And the promise that all 4 could go on the floor while I sat and watched, made ME excited! Mavery cried at first and it took some coaxing before she joined in. That and the fact we were being extra cautious this week after her cath probably did not help. But she soon figured out how to follow directions and was joining in the fun. Hopefully next week we can be ready on time and I can get pictures of the other girls. (that and I won't be sitting on the floor w/ the little girls class!) Sage was not happy though that they did no flips this week, that was the first thing out of her mouth when we were leaving, "I did not get to flip!" We may have to look for a tumbling class after this!

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