Thursday, June 04, 2009

A plug in the throat

They moved Mavery onto the heart floor from the cath lab at 7pm. That is when the cath lab closes. So they waited till she was in her room to turn off the good drugs, and really they are good! So she is in her new room, still asleep. The doctor comes in and is messing with her, the nurse turns the medicine off and she begins to cough. And choke. And the nurse and doc both start calling help, pull out the big breathing thing (she was already on oxygen through the day) you know the scene in ER w/ the parents standing there crying while choas seems to be going on? Yep, that was what it was like. They were not asking us to leave, so I kept thinking if it was really bad they would ask us to leave, right? Mavery then begins to scream and the doctor cheered and things calmed down. They ordered a chest xray to make sure there was not a blockage in her lungs. Thankfully that came back clear and he said it was most likely just a plug in her throat and that sometimes happens from surgery and then being under. Since you are not swallowing as normal, the "junk" in your throat can get stuck. Not long after this excitement she began to wake up and while she did come up swinging at one point, overall she woke up pretty well. As soon as she was awake they took her off the oxygen, let her drink some apple juice and finally let me hold her. Thankfully the nurse put a blanket on me and just as I was asking what the weird sound was she was making, because we figured it out. I thought she was not breathing well again but really she was trying not to puke which she then did all over us! ;-)
She is SOOO much better than the last time and while groggy is really in a pretty decent mood. She is eating vanilla wafers and just being cute. She is asking for Sagey and she was able to talk on the phone to a few people. Not looking all that tired so hopefully we will get some sleep. Thanks for all the prayers! We are supposed to get out of here about 10 or 11 in the morning.
Sorry the pictures are out of order, I am to tired to mess with them. She is enjoying a back rub from daddy in the ones, her very favorite thing! Notice the bow stayed in through surgery, and then we had some fun bed head later! She is calling me for bedtime prayers, so night night!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things were much calmer. We are praying and watching the blog even if I don't talk to you! Love you all. Julie & Jason.

Kelly said...

How scary that must have been watching the chaos and not know what is going on! I'm so grateful things went well and I know that God will continue to keep his hand upon this precious little one...

Anonymous said...

Lots of prayers to you all, Hope you all will be home soon and these days are behind you.
Love from Sweden Alicia and Lotta

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Oh how these little ones make our hearts skip a beat with worry! So glad its behind you now and everything is okay!

Have a great weekend!


The Hickels said...

I thought of some Disney restaurant suggestions for you on the way home tonight. The steakhouse in the Canada pavilion at EPCOT is awesome! They made the yummiest dessert, too...the Chocolate Mousse Moose. :) We also have really enjoyed the barbecue restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge--they have stick horse races around the restaurant for the kids while you eat!