Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cousin Fun!

Sage, look at the camera!

The camera is not that way, look HERE Sage!

Come on Sage, look at ME!

Oh Sage, even Mavery is looking!
It is hopeless with that child! ;-)
Cousins: Makenna, Adley, Jaylyn, Malaine, Dalayna, Mavery, Sage, Colby & Sawyer

My cousin is in this week from Indiana and we were so excited to get to let the kids play and visit today. It was a perfect park day! Trying to get 9 kids to look at the camera was not easy as you can see. Wonder who it is that if off in her own little world.. Hmm, yes that is my Sage. Any day now we will have one more cousin joining the bunch as Amy is due on Monday! (and ready to deliver 2 weeks ago!) Thanks Dawn for coming to visit, we miss you all!


DawnS said...

Those pictures are seriously funny!!! It looks like most of the cousins were fine with looking at the camera lol!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic Shannon! Gotta love that Sage!


Mom to my China Posse said...

Its impossible for my girls to all look at the camera, Abby is my one who is always looking away!
Looks like a fun day!