Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mavery is out

So far Mavery is sleeping soundly. They are doing a echo on her now in our room and she has not moved. A miracle as you know!
They did place 2 stints, one on the left and the right side. The blockage was down into the lung. Those stints are very interesting. He showed us the video of during the surgery and how they balloon the artery and then place this chicken wire in there. The good news, is they got those in. The bad news? There is alot more blockage so we will most likely need more stinting done in the next 3-6 months. Trying to make sense of it all because you know that whole dr talk but here are some of the details..

  • They did not do a stint during her first cath in January because they saw the aneurysm and knew open heart surgery was needed. They do not like to stint knowing they are going in and they hoped they could fix that during surgery.
  • During surgery they did try to fix part of the artery, but the focus was the large aneurysm which they did remove and today he said that looked good.
  • He also said that they are just not really able to fix alot of the arteries into the lungs w/ open heart surgery, they are only able to do that with a cath. So that is why it was not done at that time.
  • They did not stint all of the arteries at this time because you can't do everything at once. Basically it has to do with time and not being able to shoot all that contrast in there. Can hurt her kidneys.
  • As for her lungs (which was a big concern that one was not forming well because no blood flow) he said that your lungs develop until you are 8. Since she is young and they are aggressively trying to fix things now, the lung SHOULD develop better. Will she be a long distance runner? He said probably not but she might. She might get winded easier than most but not a huge noticeable thing. Right now we think it is noticeable.
So, overall things are better, they got the stints in, and he felt very positive about it.

We felt better, and though we hate to hear she has to endure more, we just feel relieved for now. After last time hearing that she had an aneurysm and needed open heart surgery, this felt like a relief. You know we knew going into adopt Mavery that she MIGHT need some things done. Really, this is not a surprise. Of course we prayed that she would be healed and healthy, but we know that God has a plan with our girl. If it involves bringing us to Childrens every few months, so be it. Above all we know that Mavery is home, right where she should be, getting the best medical care she could and surrounded in the love of family and friends.

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Mom 2 six said...

I am glad things are going well. You are in our prayers.