Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mavery Update

Excited about checking out from the hospital!
She loves her robe, and so do all the nurses!

Her morning nurse had just returned from Disney and told Mavery all about the Mickey Ice Cream, that sure got a smile!

Poor little foot. By the way, the nails are supposed to be painted like ladybugs compliments of Makenna, but that is why you see that black. Though the toes are really bruised & cut up. Not to mention the bruising on her legs from her cath.

Mavery is recovering well this time around. So much better than our last cath was. She is still not herself, but nothing like before. Today was spent outside the house and that seemed to help her mood, and mine considerably. The first few days she cried that her legs hurt and really just wanted us to sit on the couch and snuggle her. For some odd reason, I seem to bring out the whining much more. If I am not here, she does not cry for Mark. Surprise! ;-)
Yesterday she pulled a shelf off of the bookshelf and dropped it on her foot. She cried and I mean WAILED for a long time. It was cut, as you can see in the picture so I know it hurt. I figured if she took a nap she might be better but nope. She woke up wailing. So, off to the doctor we went for an xray. Thankfully there is no break and today she is not complaining so I think the combination of not feeling good from the hospital mixed with a sore foot was just enough to do her in.
We will see our heart doctor in 2 weeks for a follow up so I guess we will talk about the next cath then. Interested to see if he will want it done before Disney (late September) or have us wait. Part of me says lets get it over with, part of me thinks lets put it off. The surgeon had said in 3-6 months so we will see.
This friday Mavery goes back to "play "with the occupational therapist. We will get the final diagnosis on the sensory stuff and she was going to see what insurance covered. Praying it covers what we need.
Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes for Mavery this week.


Kelly said...

LOVE the piggy tails!!! So glad she is recovering well...

DawnS said...

Oh man that foot does look like it hurt!!! I am just loving those pig tails!!!