Tuesday, June 02, 2009

B & B Weekend

TV in our living room. They had a ton of DVDs to watch.
They brought dinner into our room which was so nice!


I just thought this was so clever, they had a board sitting there and I finally figured out it was to use for your makeup while getting ready! ;-)

Whirlpool Tub in bedroom.

Living Room, Comfy Couch!

The grounds are beautiful

Firepit in the middle of the chairs and under the awning is a hottub!

Entrance into our room

Front of House

Mark & I had a great time in Arcadia, Mo this weekend. Our 15th anniversary is not until 6/11 but with Maverys heart cath this week we wanted to celebrate early. If you live in the area, it is worth the drive. You know I was hesitant to visit a Bed & Breakfast. Just the whole idea of being in someones home seemed odd to me. But my fears were quickly put to rest. Our room was on the first floor and very private. We actually had our own entrance which was nice. We also had a sitting room and bedroom. I was nervous about eating with "strangers" which is just a stupid thing for me to be nervous about. I have always enjoyed meeting new people and so not sure why I worried. It was fun meeting other couples and conversation was interesting. The owners are christians and we spent hours out by the fire one evening talking to them. They felt like old friends by the time we left.
The food was AMAZING. You can order dinner made by them and they set it up in your room for you. We had steak and it was the BEST I have ever had! The breakfasts were also delicious.
The Inn is located not far from Elephant Rock State Park and Johnsons Shut In. There are also lots of little antique shops around. The drive was just a little under 2 hours from St Louis. If you need a weekend get away with your hubby, GO! Thanks to our parents for staying with all the kids! I was a little worried how Mavery would do but she did fine and I think loved being spoiled by grandparents all weekend!


Amy said...

I'm definitely curious about their steak since you are so particular about your steak. It must have been REALLY good. Glad you guys had fun!

TitansFan said...

My wife and I are remodeling an old house in Sabetha KS. We are turning it into a B&B and I have a bunch of ideas for it. I have 6 rooms other than our own. One nice thing is that there is a separate staircase that was used back in the day for the servants to use. It makes for better access to the closets so we can restock things. Other than that we have installed 3 Whirlpool Tubs that are really nice. Our hopes are that we will have the word of mouth from patrons to spread the word.