Friday, June 12, 2009

Therapy Fun

Mavery and I went again for occupational therapy today. I have to say, Mavery has really made much progress since we last met with the therapist. (and I am not doing a sensory diet or anything) And Sarah (therapist) said that many times her "adopted" kiddos graduate out quickly. Alot of it is simply adjustment, and I know that is true. However, there are still some things we have to work on. We will only be going in for therapy once a month and the point of therapy is for her to help us figure out how to keep Mavery "balanced". One thing she said today is that she can tell Mavery wants to be boss. "really, you think?"! So we are working on that. I asked how she thought she would do at Disney. She laughed and said she thought overall it was a perfect place for her to go but I better put her on a leash! ha! Lines will be our issue but she gave me some great tips for that. One is taking a water bottle half way full of water and a straw and letting her blow bubbles inside the bottle. I know she will love this as she does this EVERY day when she is sitting down to eat and gets a straw with her meal. One thing she said we would work on is that her back muscles are a little weak. Not horrible, but when she tries to get her on her belly, she does not pull herself up as far as she would like, or reach for things. She DOES do those things, I guess just not the way that is best. She was telling me how that is very normal for kids from an orphanage but that also alot of kids just have bad posture. Interesting note, she said that alot of kids sit in a position, kind of like on their knees, but w/ their booty flat on the floor, legs to their side. (called the W position if you do a google search) She said this is bad and if I catch Mavery doing that change her position. Said it affects their posture and while we might not think it a big deal, it can cause back issues down the road. (among other things) So, if your kid sits like that, might want to watch out. I googled it, very interesting. Sarah said this can be bad for Maverys sensory stuff for some reason about not getting good breathing through her trunk, blah blah blah. Typically Mavery does not sit like that, so her trunk control or lack of is obviously from her past and most likely because of her heart surgery as a baby. So, therapy went well. Of course, it is all about playtime for Mavery! She gets to swing, play on the big ball, fun fun! I have the Out of Sync Child and I am getting ready to read that. Anyone read it, any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

When are you heading to DW. We live close and would love to meet up with you. Kate was a CHI baby (Makenzie list 12). Mavery and all your kids are adorable.

Susan and Kate

Jodi Sue said...

My Jorja sits in the "W: position too! I will have to encourage her not to do that too! :)
Glad Mavery is doing so well at therapy! You have encouraged me to get Jorja evaluated sooner then later. :)
The Out of Sync Child book is the best Sensory Processing book out there. Especially for the pre-schooler, there are some other books but they are more for the school age kiddos.

Debbie said...

The out of Sync Child IS a great book. I also like Raising a Sensory Smart Child. There a lot's of in-home activities you can do to supplement the OT she is receiving. I have a series of articles on make-at-home therapy aids that are great on the budget.

All the best,