Friday, June 12, 2009

FUN Fondue Friday!

We decided for our anniversary we would have a fondue party. Mark and I love to eat at the Melting Pot but do not attempt it at home. (nor can we afford the melting pot often) A few months back some friends had us over for a fondue party and we knew the kids would love it. And we were right. Was much easier than I thought it would be. We started with cheese, which they all thought was very yummy. For the meat instead of dipping it, we just had it cooking in a pot on the stove during our cheese fondue, then I just scooped it all in a bowl and let them eat from that. We even had some sparkling grape juice which means a TRUE party to the kids. the 3 little girls wanted to dress up and be "pretty". They are so sweet! While the cheese was yummy, steak delicious, oh the anticipation for the CHOCOLATE! Mark could not stir fast enough, they were all drooling!

Sage was hilarious. She was getting as much chocolate on her marshmallows and then shoving them in her mouth. One right after another. Can you tell in the one photo she is trying to figure out if she can shove another one in before she is done with what is in her mouth?

Yes, they were covered from head to toe, and thank goodness for my handy dandy new washing machine with its super stain remover button. It asks you what type of stain, you key it in and like magic, it got this dress back to white! Now, if I could just figure out how to get the chair cushion in there! All of our other chairs are covered in leather. I was sitting here, and oops! Guess it will be getting covered in leather soon!

I will post our fondue recipes over on my recipe blog and post a link when I get it done. Such a fun thing and we promised the kids we would have Fondue Fridays once a month from now on. Also, we had our first attempt at geocaching and failed so will post about that soon. 3 posts in one night is to much! :)


Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun! I think it would be a great "extended family" thing to do!


Shannon said...

I agree Debbie, we should. We are just going to need alot more pots! :)

Anonymous said...

I have 3 pots you all can borrow!!! LOVE the pics!!! What a great -whole family date night- in your own home!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful family memory to make!!! You really come up with some Great ideas!!! Makes me want to get a fondue pot!!