Sunday, January 21, 2007

14 Months Old

First taste of White Castles and it's a winner! (as is ALL food!)Of course she is our child!
This is my favorite pose, here I am giving Sawyer lessons on standing on your head!
So Big!
Beautiful Sage
See my teeth and my long bangs!

We have held Sage for 5 months now! Sometimes China seems like it was just a dream. Other times it feels as if it was just yesterday that we were walking the streets and getting to know Sage. The first day I held her my heart was so full and I was so in love. Yet I am even more in love with her now, my heart continues to grow and stretch and she is so much a part of me, of all of us and we continue to give thanks for this blessing. She is a BUSY girl! She does not stop unless she is asleep. Loves to explore and nothing is safe, nor is she! We are doing ok with changing her bandage from the fireplace burn, we go back in a few more days to recheck that. It is not pretty. And I thought maybe she would be afraid of the fireplace now. Nope. She walked right up to it, looked at me, looked at it for a second and touched it with her non bandaged hand. Of course it was off, as it will be from now on when she is awake, but obviously even a BAD burn did not deter her. She is determined, or maybe we should say SPICY, as we were told those Hunan girls could be! Sage stuff for 14 months..
  • Eats, and eats and eat. I am not sure she would stop eating. I guess all the walking makes you a hungry girl! Even with one hand she shovels it in! Will not eat it if she can't feed herself though. Makes for messy meals! Does not care for carrots, but that is about the only thing I have found that she won't eat.
  • Have switched from formula to soy milk.
  • weighing right about 20 pounds now.
  • walking, walking, walking! She is fast & EVERYWHERE! Got to love those squeaky shoes, I can always tell where in the room she is. China is so smart!
  • Now has 6 teeth, 4 top 2 bottom.
  • Blows kisses, but refuses to give kisses. She thinks it is funny to tell me no.
  • Puts everything in her mouth, but if I come near her pulls it right out and hands it over.
  • Now climbs up all the stairs. (we figured that out when daddy was "watching" her downstairs and all of a sudden she was upstairs by herself!) We are trying to work on going down, not throwing ourselves down
  • Still in our room, and sleeping pretty well overall this month. She is still taking 2 really good naps every day, goes to bed by 830 and sleeps on average till 7. Better than any of our other kids ever did.
  • LOVES to dance & sing. When I sing to her she starts swaying her head and then if I stop she sings it back to me! SO cute!
  • Remember I worried about attachment, well I am pretty confident that we are bonded as is anyone that wants to hold her! I can't believe how much that has changed. The first couple of months she let EVERYONE hold her. No looking back. Now, she fusses if you even act like you are going to take her. She is a mommy's girl, but gets very excited to see Daddy or her siblings.
  • Knows where her hair, nose, eyes, ears and belly are.
  • Repeats most words we say, we are amazed with how much she talks. Some new favorites in our house are Sissy for Makenna and Lainey for Malaine. We also love asking what a cow says, "MO"and a bear "AHHHH"
We are thankful to be starting out 2007 as a family of 6 and are grateful for the ways God has allowed us to grow. In the next month we will have our 6 month homestudy visit done, WOW!

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Ryan and Heather said...

She's so cute, growing so fast! I Love that little panda hat!