Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Something crazy is going on. I lost all my bookmarks on my computer. Actually I lost the bottom half of them, which is where I kept all my blogs that I read through DAILY! I have no idea what the address' are, because they were saved and I just clicked on each of them. I should set up a blogroll, but I can't figure that out either. SO...Please email me your blogs, I am going through withdrawl! And if you have any idea on how bookmarks could have just disappeared, please help!


Mom-of-5 said...

I am a real ditz when it comes to fixing blog stuff.
We are at www.waalafamily.blogspot.com

Listen Sara Lane did our blog. She is the best. What a sweet person and computer savy. Maybe she could help you fix your blog she has an e-mail link and she is linked to our blog. :)

Taylor Grace said...

Hi - our blog is www.mychinaadoption.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

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