Monday, January 08, 2007

CNN & Paula Zahn

So if you have not heard about the CNN report on Friday night, please rush right over here and read it. It was a very upsetting view of Chinese Adoption. I encourage you to write in to CNN and let them know what you think about it. You can go here for a full list of where you can contact any one that was part of the panel. The good news is, this site says that they are going to revisit the topic tonight with people who are actually informed. And while I hate to raise their ratings by watching the show, I do want to see what they have to say.
Ever since we started the adoption, we have tried to remind ourselves that the comments that are made are not always out of stupidity,(though they are stupid!) but out of being uneducated. If you have not been through the adoption process or do not know anyone personally who has, you don't have a clue! Don't pretend you do. I especialy loved it when people tell me how much it costs, or how long I have to travel, or how long I have to wait. I had a chinese lady at the buffet tell me, you adopt, you live in china one month. I said, no just 2 weeks. She said " no, one month!" I just smile. And the list goes on and on. What I want to say is, "Hello, I LIVED IT!" Simply uneducation. So I try not to judge. But this report really made me a little more frusterated than normal. Please pray for Paual Zahn, and for all of those who have this same view on adoption. Pray that we who have adopted can open doors for those who don't understand. Most important, pray for these chlildren, who will grow up with these comments. For it is them that will be hurt.
Below is my letter I sent to Paula Zahn.

Not sure what I feel more. Shame on you, or pity. You brought out both feelings in myself from your show on Friday. I have 3 biological children, and one daughter from China. We have just recently returned from China with her. I wish you could meet her. We worked for 18 months to get this child home. A beautiful baby girl who was abandoned at 8 days old. ABANDONED. I wish you could look in her eyes and hold her in your arms and then, I would like to see you have the audacity to question why I would adopt her. Did I do it so I could have a “china doll” or so that she would outsmart my “American” children? What a sad little shell you live in.

We did not go into adoption lightly. We had 3 beautiful, smart children already. But I am a Child of God, and when He speaks, I listen. God told us to adopt. And so we moved forward and after doing extensive research on adoption from everywhere, it came down to this. My child was in China. That is what He said, and that is where we would go. It was not about what she looked like or how she would turn out to be, it was a matter of the need that was there. How about instead of questioning why, go to China. Walk through an orphanage. Look into the eyes of those babies, pick one up and hold her in your arms. Think about her future in China and what it holds for her if she does not leave.

I refuse to judge you on your stupidity or lack of knowledge in adoption. Your view is exactly as most of the United States is. You have no clue what it is all about. Yes, there are orphans ALL around the world. Maybe your panel should think about what they might do to help out, instead of judging us on what we have done. If it were only as easy as you all appear to think. Want to adopt a “Muslim” kid? Just jump on a plane and bring them home. That is NOT the way it works. Do you know how many countries are open for adoption, but have the right to close the doors on you, even if you already have met your child and are in love with them? That is one reason people are lined up for China. Besides the fact of sad the fate is for the girls there, China’s adoption program is strong. And contrary to your belief, the children are healthier there than most other countries.

Paula, you are a mother. You know what it is like to carry a child, birth it, and hold it in your arms soon after. What would it be like if you had to give that child up, walk away from her after holding her in your arms for 8 days? Or on the flip side, what would your life had been like had you NOT blessed with birth? How would you feel to be judged on where your children had come from had it not been your own womb? Or put yourself into the shoes of our Chinese children and what they might feel from your words or the words allowed on your panel. Shame on you for that.

My prayer is with you and each of the panelists that God would deal with your heart. My prayer is especially with your children as they are raised by you, a mother who dares to judge other mothers on their choices. I sure hope they are never in the position of adoption, just think what your grandchildren could look back on. How do you feel about yourself now?

Shannon Laxton
Proud mommy to 4 beautiful children & yes one of them from CHINA!

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Jennifer said...

I for one will be watching tonight as well. I read the transcript and you are right, just a lot of comments that are untrue and biased. The big question I have is did they even interview the chinease govt. about this, or at an orphanage. It would have done them good to actually walk through the adoption process and see first hand how it actually works! Yes we will all be praying for these people.