Thursday, January 18, 2007

Always Something

When asked "Sage, where is your owie", this is her reply, since she is always bumping her head!
It's been a VERY rough day, let me just sleep it off and forget about it.
It's a New Day & I feel much better & can even hold my cup w/ a bandaide on!
Who needs 2 hands, I can still walk!

Yesterday Sage touched the glass on the gas fireplace. I was right there, and did not catch her in time. She screamed forever as I tried to keep cold on it. The dr said to bring her in, and while I thought it was silly last night to go, today the blister looked pretty large. So, we went. The blister covers a good portion of her palm and for fear of infection they want to keep it wrapped for a week w/ antibiotic ointment on it. It took 3 of us to get it wrapped at the office, I am not sure what we will do here this week, it needs changed every day. So far she is doing great with the wrap. Only tried to pull at it once. She ate lunch fine w/ one hand. Has not acted like she is in pain. Will we survive walking? She fell in the tub one day and gashed the back of her head open, pulled open a cabinet and fell onto the corner of it and bruised her face, now this on her hand. And these all happen while I am standing RIGHT there watching her. Sigh.I think we need to move into a big rubber room where she can't run into anything!


Mom-of-5 said...

That's been one of my fears. We also gave a gas fireplace. I hope that Sage heals quickly !!

Truly Blessed said... sad. My nephew did a similar thing by wrapping his little hand around a hot curling iron. My sister had to change the dressing daily for two weeks. Fortunately he's fine (years later) and has full use of his hand.

The good news is, she won't go near the fireplace again, right??!