Monday, January 29, 2007

Blessed with Information

Chen Yi Qiao 3/27/06 4 months old

6/20/06 7 months old(our 1 year anniverary of LID) & week of referral
8/14/06 9 months old-the week before we held her

Sage was a part of Half the Sky Foundation while she lived in Chenzhou, China. She was in the program almost her whole life. While in China were were given black and white pictures and some information. Once home I contacted Half the Sky to see if it was possible to get more information. We were so excited this weekend to get a package in the mail with the above pictures(the black & whites i had from China)! While the quality is not so great on the blog, because I simply took a picture of the picture, in person they are wonderful! We also got a report from each "season" that she was there.
We are lucky, I realize that. Most people bring their daughters home with nothing but maybe the clothes they were wearing on gotcha day. We not only have those clothes, we have the clothes she was found in. We have a picture of her from the first day she came to Chenzhou at 8 days old. We now have the above pictures along with her referral pictures from 5 months old. I have no doubt we are blessed to hold these treasures. And that is what they are. A treasure. While the pictures are just a glimpse of Sage, they are her. I can see it is her in the shape of her head, or the way she holds her toes, the concentration she has in those eyes, they are who I see now. And while there are days my heart still questions things, I am so thankful to God for the glimpse He has allowed us into Sage's past.

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That is wonderful !!
They are great gifts.