Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What we should have bought for China

Each year I end up with $ for Christmas from my grandpa, returns on Mark's gifts that don't work for me ;) , etc.. One gift he bought me this year was a small point and shoot camera, since I could not manage to take a decent picture on our camera we bought for China. However, the Christmas camera just Way to SLOW. I went in to exchange it, and we ended up selling both the Christmas Camera, and the new camera we bought for china, using Christmas $, so we could now own this. I LOVE it. We totally should have bought this for china. So, going to China, need a new camera? Ask questions away. We have now owned 4 digitals before this one, and I do have an opinion! I am pretty sure this one is unable to take a bad picture!

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Jennifer said...

You will love it. We bought a digital slr and yep it takes some awesome pics. Your next step should be to get a good telephoto lens!