Thursday, December 28, 2006

Twas the Week After Christmas...

Christmas Cousin Fun!
Happy Birthday to Jesus!
Matching Christmas Morning PJ's(malaine acting like the hamsters w/ her cheeks stuffed full of breakfast!)

And all through the house, there are toys to put together, and we now have a MOUSE! Ok, so it is a hamster, 2 hamsters to be exact, but they definatly have a mouse looking quality about them. Especially when they get loose from their cage and scurry around the room. Why add hamsters to this chaos? Why not? ;) If the hamsters survive that is. They are chinese(of course they are!) dwarf hamsters, and though they are "supposed" to get along, they don't . So we now have 2 cages, one holding a bloody hamster! But the kids are THRILLED and think Santa is the best to bring them more pets! All about making happy kids that is our motto!
What a different Christmas for us this year. Last year we ached to hold Sage, this year our arms are full of her! She is definatley not all that impressed by the mountain of gifts that had her name on them, but we sure are impressed that God allowed us this gift of His children. All 4 of them. More Christmas pictures coming soon...

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