Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Cuteness Continues at 13 months!

Cute Christmas PJ's from Megan & Shannon. Not sure about that hat!
The smile that lights up the room and melts our hearts!
Walking like a big girl! Look at that concentration.
All ready to go in my coat from China!

Sage is now officially over a year old, and has developed quite the personality! We are having so much fun with her and we all agree, she is the most amazing baby in the world! Sage stuff for 13 months...
  • She is 19 pounds. I am hanging on for her to stay under the 20 pound mark, I love being able to use the infant car seat still!
  • Her hair is growing, it lays down as much as it stands up now.
  • She is CRAZY with no fear at all. Her favorite game is to sit on the couch and dive off headfirst in a flip. I tried to teach her to climb the stairs, she just throws herself down them. Same thing off the bed, etc. And then she just laughs and laughs!
  • Favorite activity is still a bath. She stays in till she is shivering and blue and I have to force her out while she loudly protests. Still loves to go under, bathtime is an adventure.
  • Eats anything you give her. Is most happy to feed herself, though still does eat baby food good for us. We are slowly switching to milk, very slowly. She still enjoys bottles before going to sleep, and I am keeping that up for at least another 6 months for bonding.
  • Totally attached to pacifier. Sigh.
  • Is a snuggle bug! The cutest thing she just started this week is reaching up to be held and then laying her head on my shoulder and patting me. Love it!
  • Taking about 5 steps now. It is a fun game to practice walking. About half the time she just throws herself at you counting on you to keep her from crashing to the ground. It is so funny watching her do the "munster" walk, stiff legged arms out.
  • Continues to sleep pretty well overall. We have alot of night wakings needing the pacifier and last week had alot of wake ups with uncontrollable screaming. She is still trying to get a top tooth in, so we are praying that once it is through, she will sleep better. She is still in our room and we are debating making the move to her own room. I wanted to wait till summer, but I know I wake her up w/ my bath at night.
  • Her communication has been the most amazing thing to me this month. We have been working on a few baby sign language sign's w/ her, but when I teach her the sign and say the word, she mimics the sign and says the word w/ me! Here is what she can now say..
  1. Uh oh
  2. Dog
  3. Dada
  4. Mama
  5. Ball
  6. Football(mark was pretty pleased w/ himself for teaching her this one!)
  7. Bye bye
  8. Night night
  9. Bear
  10. Papa
  11. More (and the sign)
  12. Bath
  13. Ouch(she always rubs her head when saying this, she constantly bumps her head!)
  14. Uv oo(love you) my favorite of course, and it is done w/ a tilt of her head back and forth, CUTE!
Since we have had Sawyer in speech for 3 years now, I am really excited to hear her saying so many words, especially for not hearing anything but chinese for 9 months of her life! If I say night night, she knows where her bed is and says bear. If i ask her if she wants to eat, she will crawl to her chair. If I say want a bottle, she knows where they are kept. See, isn't she amazing? ;)
I am still in awe of her. We all are, especially with Christmas upon us. The kids daily say, remember last Christmas when we thought Sage would be here? Yes, I remember very well. But we are also reminded that if we had a baby last Christmas, it would not have been Sage and so we are all thankful that God made us wait! Mark can't help but always add, Isn't it amazing, God actually is smarter than you are! Thanks for the reminder honey!
13 months old and 4 months since Gotcha. Time flies when you are having fun!

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