Sunday, December 03, 2006

Prayers Needed

This is Myer. Her family traveled to China in our group, but Myer was in another province. Myer is very sick and their family is asking you to pray with them for a miracle. She was admitted to the hospital a week ago, and is still there. So many things, I can't even pretend to understand, so I am going to link you to their site. Go here You will have to register, which is very painless, I promise. Then it will ask you to enter a care page name and you need to enter Myer.
There are things in life I don't understand, and this situtation would be one of those. We waited for these babies for such a long time, we fell in love with them before they were even born. We traveled around the world to bring them home and now here they are. It is hard for me to comprehend that it might have been God's plan to have this little girl here for such a short time. However, I continue to trust Him. And I continue to pray that He would do a miracle here and allow her to be healed. That He would send his angels down to hold her and her family in his arms. That He would prove to the doctors that He is bigger than genetic things, sickness, coma's and that He holds the Truth.
My heart hurts for them, I look at Sage and my eyes just fill with tears. She is mine. The thought of her being taken away just takes my breath away. While I don't know Myer or her family well, I do know that she shares a history of China with us. I ask that you would please be on your knees for this family. And if you can't get into her site, just e-mail me and I will try to help you out..

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Anonymous said...

Poor Baby Girl---I was just thinking about her this morning, i will pray for a miracle.