Thursday, December 07, 2006

Weekend Fun

Depsite the ice and snow, we headed out to Kansas City this past Friday. What should have been a 4 hour drive, turned into 24! The roads were pretty clear, we thought we were making good time and then they shut down the highway, right in front of us! So we rerouted through the backroads, and I saw more of Missouri than I needed to for sure! We stayed the night in Jefferson City, the kids were done w/ the car and were not going to make it another 2 hours. Had lots of fun with Sage at her first swim! This child is a fish. She honestly thinks she can swim, she has no fear and going under water is no big deal to her. We laughed and had such a good time watching her. We have to find a good floatie for her though, she is hard to hold, she wants away!
The kids had a blast in KC w/ all the snow! St Louis does not get alot of snow, so they could not wait to get out in it. Isn't their snowman cute?
We were able to see the Christmas Pageant at my brother in laws church, the reason we went. I should say the rest of the family saw the play, Sage does not sit through anything at this point, she is BUSY!
So despite being in Kansas City less than 24 hours, and spending more time in the car than not, it was still fun to visit with family and get away!

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Anonymous said...

I heard that you were sick today, I hope that you are feeling better. I saw your cousin at the Christmas party she told me that you probably had the flu.
I saw the update on Myer, I am so happy for her and her parents.
Take care
Hope you fell better.