Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Princess Feet

My little girls, they love to dress up. The first thing Sage asks when she gets out of bed is not can I eat, but "can I play dress up"? And not just any dress will do. It must "twirl". The bigger the skirt the better. Thankfully Mavery is not quite so picky, in fact I am typically happy if Mavery just has ANYTHING on as she would prefer to just streak around the house. Which is really fun when anyone comes to my door. Then there are the shoes. They run around in these heels every day! And I do mean run. I am amazed at how fast they are in heels, I can promise I am not even close to as good as they are! You can tell someone is obviously not concerned about matching, though in this house we are just lucky to find 4 shoes for them to wear.
These pictures crack me up. Can you tell who is who? Someone has a little more chunk to their ankles than the other! ;-)

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The Hickels said...

If you want to see another cute set of Chinese sisters, check out my friend's girls on my blog. They went in November to bring home their 2nd daughter, also off the special needs list. Glad things have settled back to normal at your house!