Monday, March 30, 2009

My Favorite Sites

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite places to hang out and learn things here on the internet. When you are stuck in the house as much as I am, and tend to stay up way to late, you find lots of places to visit in computer world! I have had to pull myself away from alot of adoption blogs. I promised Mark after we returned home with Mavery I would. And I did not at first. Because I knew I could look and be fine, for goodness sakes everyone knows I am totally overwhelmed and would not dream of any more children. Yet, as I would look and read, that tug is just always there. So, while I still check in on my friends, I have had to pull away from some of the lists. ALL of the lists actually. I told myself I was simply looking to find kids for all my friends! But then I would see a face that would just be a perfect brother for Sawyer and so, I moved on... for now.

The following blogs are not people blogs. Well obviously they ARE people blogs, people have to write them right? But they are not just normal people blogs written by normal people with normal lives like me. Forget it, just check them out if you would like! And I should add that I have just recently started visiting some of them because typically my world revolved around adoption and that was that. So, here we go, and I hope you have fun!


I actually have been visiting this one for awhile. Can't remember how I stumbled upon it, but I do enjoy organizing and I am on a neverending quest to BE organized. She always has some really great ideas, and one of these weeks I am going to join her Monday Menu thing. Take a peek for some clever ideas.

Creative Ideas

Another of my very fav's is this site. I am pretty sure Amy led me here- I am amazed at the CREATIVE ladies that are in this world. I WANT to be creative, I think I can be about some things, but I am probably a better copy cat. SHOW me the idea and the instructions, step by step by the way. So, if you are trying to come up with an idea, anything from a birthday party to decorating for a holiday to well just about ANYTHING, take a look.

Spiritual Growth

Now, this is more of a normal person blog, but not really. You just have to go and start reading to get what I mean. I think my friend Kathy led me to this site.

Her writing is amazing and so touching and I love to read Gods heart through her words. She has an amazing story and I hope that you go back to the beginning to read it. Her faith and love for Jesus, it is just a blessing.


Just because I need to laugh out loud at times, I enjoy this site. Messed up bakery cakes. I hope it gives you a giggle.

And this one, you name it, she talks about it. Just fascinates me!

I have others that I visit, and sometime will share those to!


annaliese said...

great idea to post about favorite 'help' sites--I may steal this idea ;) and I am also going to go check out a couple of these that i have never visited.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I am happy to see that you are taking a breather and focusing on you and your family right now. Have you tried Flylady ? She really has tips and ideas to get you organized. Sometimes she goes overboard on emails, but you can delete those... ;-)

Anonymous said...

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