Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Red Head!

I went to get my hair done tonight. I am feeling so blah and needed a new look. Since I do not have control over much in life right now, hair is the one thing I can do. I was tempted to chop it off, but since I have not done so well in the weight loss area, I don't need short right now. What else to do but color! It is red for sure. But I like it. Mark, and my hair girl, were not so sure. I know it is bright, but in a few washings it won't be so bold. Mark says I should not do things like this because our girls will be wanting pink hair when they are teens. I say if pink hair is the worst thing we deal with our teenagers, what a blessing! He also said I matched the girl on American Idol & why can't I have normal hair. It is a good thing I don't get my feelings hurt easily. But I figure coming from someone with no hair, he is simply jealous. hehe! Can't wait to see what my kids have to say in the morning! ;0)

**Some updates... Brett came through surgery well. They did have to cut a nerve so they are not sure what the result from that will be, but they don't think much. He was having weakness in his leg, but they said that is trauma from surgery. The next few days will tell.

**Malaine in on antibiotics for ear infection and is still running fever, but low and acts fine. Mavery just has a cold, thankfully and seems better.

** Glory... please pray. Pray for the friends that are surrounding her and caring for her right now. She is very very sick.


Mom to my China Posse said...

I like it!!!!!!! Vry pretty! I got my hair colored yesterday but I am not as brave as you! lol....... The gal fixed ,my hair after she colored it and I swear I looked like the character in Monster inc that hair flips up and on further look the flips are little monsters or worms or something. lol........ Good thing the style washes out. lol..... Praying for your BIL and Glory.

Kelly said...

I'm thinking and praying for Glory. Oh how well I remember Christina when she was in such pain. Oh how I remember the turmoil. May God be with her and comfort her as only HE can. BTW your hair is cute.-And I so understand feeling everything is so out of control and just wanting to be able to feel you are in control of SOMETHING!!!

Finally a Family of Four said...

Praying for all the needs.
I love the hair flair. I know what it is like to want something to pump you up.
I was just thinking today that I have not polished my nails in about a year. I really need to do that. I want to feel girly again.