Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Family Videos

I have started ANOTHER new blog. I love to share our silly videos at times, but I know it is a pain with the music on this blog to hear them. Sooo, I figured I would keep a separate blog of just video clips. I hope they make you laugh as much as they do me! I will post here when I add a new one over there, but over the next few days I will be adding quite a few. It takes a very long time to upload, am I doing something wrong? Anyone have any tips for uploading to blogger? Also, while I am catching up with videos, I might post some out of order, so scroll through to make sure I am not adding new under the first video. Hope you will take a peek!


Cassie said...

LOL how cute I can't wait to take a look.

I started a new blog a while back as well. Just someplace for me to get rid of thoughts/feelings etc out of me.... it's called
rambling of a wife/mother it's a blogger account too....

love to everyone there!!!

Luke said...

Videos just take time to put online because not only do you have to upload them--get them from your computer onto Google's server--but Google also "transcodes" them--converts them from the file type you upload to one their player can use.

I've used the Google video option once, but now I just upload the video to YouTube because I have more control and then "embed" it onto my blog, which is a simple copy/paste of code from YouTube to my blog.

Feel free to email me if you want me to explain any of those steps in more detail. I'm happy to help!