Sunday, March 08, 2009

Please Pray for Glory

It has been depressing here. First you may have heard on the news about the preacher that was shot and killed while preaching today? That happened about 20 minutes from us, in Maryville, Illinois. You can read all about it here.

Then Esther told me tonight that our friend "Glory" is not doing well at all. I wrote about her awhile back and know that many of you have been lifting her up. You can go back and read my heart about her here. From what I understand, she has a tumor near her heart (cancerous) that they are not able to remove. She has been having chest pains all day but does not want to go to the doctor. Please pray for her and for Esther. This is hard on her to watch her friend suffer.

We will be going to the doctor tomorrow with Malaine and Mavery. Malaine has an ear infection I am certain. And Mavery has just held on to this cold for to long. She almost seems "winded" and I want to be sure that is the cold only, not anything with her heart. (being winded of course is a sign that the heart is starting to slow her down and so you can see why I am concerned).

Please keep Marks brother Brett in your prayers. Back surgery is Tuesday which is a blessing, he is in ALOT of pain. But it means more hospital stays, more stress on my sister in law etc.. We are not sure how long he will be in this time. I think he said 3 days flat on his back after then not sure.

Gods Glory WILL shine, I know that. I am hanging on to that.

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