Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Windy City

We were invited to go for a weekend with our good friends and we are SO excited! Excited that someone likes us enough to invite us somewhere (ha!) and excited to take the kids to Chicago! Mark and I have only been for our 1st anniversary(which was a LONG time ago) and then I went in 7th grade, a VERY long time ago! We are not going till late summer, but with 9 children between us, you can never do enough planning or start planning to early. (and just for the record, all 9 are not going, we might be crazy, but not that crazy!)

The main event that we girls are really excited about is AMERICAN GIRL STORE! The girls are already making plans on how they can save up money to do some shopping there. We have our hotel booked downtown and got a good deal. But we are still looking for tips and ideas. If you have any suggestions on must do, must eat, must avoid, please let me know! We have decided we are leaving the little girls behind for this trip. If you know them, you get it. Downtown city, 2 tiny tornadoes, little hotel room. Someday I will take them to American Girl, Grammy has already whined that she wants to go! So I know we will get them back. And no worries, we are working on a family vacation and they are going to LOVE it!

If you have been to the windy city and have any advice for me, leave me a comment or shoot me an email please!


Melanie said...

How exciting!! I live directly across Lake Michigan from Chicago in SW Michigan. :) Let me know if you're up for a visitor while you're there. I'd love to get together with you for a few hours. I'll start thinking about where you need to go in Chicago. You're there for a quick weekend? ~Melanie in Michigan

Nancy said...

I have lived in or near Chicago for 60 years, so here are my must do things. You definitly need to go to Millenium Park...and have the kids wear their bathing suits there. Great fun. Navy Pier is fun too. And oh yeah, the aquarium, Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry. I don't know if you will be here, but Mary Poppins is playing at the theater...I saw it Friday and it is a must see. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

You MUST go to "Anne Lathers" for breakfast. They have the most AMAZING cinnamon rolls that I've ever had. I always try to make it there whenever I've gone to Chicago.


The Hickels said...

The Shedd Aquarium and Museum of Science & Industry are really cool. I always enjoyed the boat ride tours down the Chicago River and along the Lake Michigan riverfront.

annaliese said...

What fun! enjoy!---and next time, maybe you could come to Portland?! :) but you will have to bring everyone for that visit!