Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Recap of our Week

Monday began with a phone call that our friends, Renaldo & Terry, were going to deliver their baby by emergency C-section. 2 weeks earlier Terry had been put into the hospital to try and stop the baby from being born. But little Omari was not going to wait and so on Monday, at just 26 weeks pregnant, he entered the world. Thankfully they had been preparing him to be born and he cried right after birth! We have been very blessed in getting to know this sweet young couple and can't wait to go up and visit their little miracle. Please pray for them and this tiny little man as he grows. He is really doing amazing so far. You can take a peek at their website over at

We also had fun with our cat Jingles. You know the cat that we say we don't really have a cat but we DO have a cat that claims us? She is an outdoor cat, and so she comes and goes and lives in our garage and anytime the door is open streaks inside. Well we knew something was wrong when we walked into the garage and she just laid there and stared at us. She then disappeared for a day so I was certain she had gone off and died. (and if you knew our luck with pets, you would understand why this would not be so shocking to me) Well then she came back, we took her to the vet where they charged us a ton of money and kept her a few days and she is now back, loving life locked inside our bathroom so we can give her medicine 2 times a day. Which is really fun with a cat that has claws. And very sharp teeth.

This is from the week before, when Malaine was so sick. And I just think she looks so sweet. Thank goodness we have all been healthy this week! Mavery has had a neverending runny nose which I am starting to think is seasonal allergies. This picture was just to cute not to add in. I did a photo shoot with the girls, will add those in the next post.

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Kelly said...

Love the chubby little hand on the first shot of Miss Mavery too too cute! The photos of Malaine are precious too. Was that Hershey under the blankie? Photo of Sage is screaming with personality. Try editing it by cropping in tight. Maybe even black and white??? Glad to have you back on line!!!